On Valentines Day – What Can A Lonely Person Do?

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Valentines Day, even though it honors a saint, is an artificial non-holiday subverted by businesses. It comes along and bugs you every year from February 4th to February 17th. Rather than let it bug you, use the first one after you read this web page to choose what you are going to do – go for it or ignore it.

What can a lonely person do? It is a personal choice. You could choose to treat it like a wake up call and work toward ensuring you have a date with one you love or find your love within 52 weeks so you are not alone on the next Valentinus Die, as it is called in Latin. 

Or you could choose to ignore the commercialized non-holiday and decide to ignore it every year from now on.


Decide that you are going to fight for fifty two weeks every year to have a happy Valentines Day every year. Or decide that you are going to ignore Valentinus Die for the rest of your life.

So it is fight or flight. Use this Valentinus Die to make that decision. Decide to be in one camp or the other. Let us call those who want to be for Valentines Day the Saints and those who want to be in the opposite camp the Wizards.

Going for it:

If you have decided to go for it, make plans to have a happy Valentines Day next year,

Do remember that you have to like yourself first before another person can like you.

Take a self inventory to make sure you are a likable and lovable person. Just for fun you can test to see if you are likeable or you need to improve. Search in Google for the terms, “how likable are you” and “how lovable are you” to find the quizzes that will test your for likableness and lovableness.

Make efforts to find a mate. If you don't know how to do that, you have six months to learn and six month to practice!

Let us look at the world of the Saints:

Happy to be a saint for love.

I would rather have love than money.

I would rather have love now, even if it doesn't last.

I have love now, I will worry about reality later.

I love candy.

I love flowers.

I love the idea of being in love.

I love the glow of being in love.

I love those Valentinus Die ads!

I love how people feel when they receive my gifts and greetings.

It's better to have loved and lost than to have not loved at all.

Ignoring it

If you have decided to ignore it, just use the advertisements to remind you to stay on track of the things you were engaged with before the ads started.

Let us look at the world of the Wizard:

Happy to be happy, period.

I would rather use my money to do what I love.

I would rather have true love that lasts.

I have reality now and I can find true love.

I love good food.

I can always get flowers.

I will get the kind of love I desire.

I love the glow of being healthy and thinking for myself.

Each of those Valentinus Die ads reminds me to think for myself.

I love to make people happy every day of the year.

I will find true love not transient love.


...you can enjoy Valentines Day simply by making a decision whether you want to be a Saint or A Wizard.

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