The Perfect Boyfriend - Can His Absence Causes You Loneliness?

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The perfect boyfriend is, of course, different for each woman. One woman's preferences can be another woman's nightmare. And almost every woman has the desire for such a companion. You are the one who knows the qualities of a sweetheart that are ideal for you.

Some people consider it a waste of ...

... time to be looking for such a boyfriend. The perfect boyfriend is there for you but he is searching for his perfect mate. So the search for a perfect mate redirects your attention back to yourself.

After you have done a lot to improve yourself, it is not a waste of time because looking for the perfect boyfriend could cause you to find a great boyfriend.

If you do not have a mental image of the perfect boyfriend, ...

... the chances of having such a boyfriend are reduced.

Without the profile of the perfect boyfriend in your mind, you may end up with the wrong boyfriend and eventually leave that relationship and be bitter and lonely. A few such wrong relationships leave many women disillusioned. They become
unwilling to enter another relationship and and willing to put up with the loneliness.

So, looking for the perfect boyfriend is a very worthwhile activity even if you end up having a boyfriend who is not perfect but has most of the qualities you are looking for.

Since women express many qualities that should ...

... exist in the perfect boyfriend and the preferences are so individual, I have listed fifty good qualities and fifty bad qualities. It would be up to you to form the perfect boyfriend profile by doing the following:

a. Select 10 qualities that must be present
b. Select 10 qualities that must be absent
c. Select 5 qualities that can be present

If a potential boyfriend has eight of those ...

... qualities that must be present, does not have eight qualities that must be absent and has four qualities that can be present, that would be a real life scenario.

1a. Faithful - The foundation upon which a relationship is built.
1b. Unfaithful - With the trait of unfaithfulness, a boyfriend just causes anger and misery.
2a. Good provider - A good provider allows you to have a normal life with him because he can carry his share for providing for fun.
2b. Inadequate provider - A poor provider introduces you to poverty and poverty does not allow you to have a good life.
3a. Fatherly - You want him to be able to play the role of a father very well.
3b. Immature - There is no point in having the father be a kid along with the kids, except in play.
4a. Dependable - He needs to be dependable to help you weather the crises that life presents.
4b. Undependable - You don't want a person who is so undependable that he cannot help through crises but actually creates more crises.
5a. Trustworthy - You can trust him with your happiness in life.
5b. Untrustworthy - This trait throws into question whether he can be trusted to be

6a. Good listener - A wonderful but rare quality. It is very satisfying when the guy will listen well.
6b. Poor listener - You don't want to feel you are being taken for granted, do you?
7a. Good communicator - He can bridge the gender gap and bring you happiness.
7b. Poor communicator - This trait causes him to introduce problems and unhappiness to you.
8a. Funny guy - Keeps life interesting and enjoyable.
8b. Serious guy - Keeps simple joys out of life.
9a. Romantic - He brings joy and happiness to your life.
9b. Unromantic - This trait causes him to be boring.
10a. Sexually adept - This quality is as important as faithfulness
10b. Sexually inadequate - This trait can cause a breakup of the relationship.

11a. Confident - This is the magnet that attracts women.
11b. Diffident - This is the magnet that repels women.
12a. Kind and compassionate - This makes him a person worth knowing.
12b. Mean - This makes him a person worth avoiding.
13a. Generous - This brings a smile to your face.
13b. Stingy - This brings a frown to your face.
14a. Intelligent - This allows him and you to have a normal life.
14b. Dull - This puts him and you at risk for having a difficult life.
15a. Passionate about something - This will allow him to have his own interests and be out of your way.
15b. Apathetic - You may have to wait on him as he spends his time on the sofa.

16a. Handy man - can do your 'honey-do' lists easily and with pleasure.
16b. Unhandy - You both may have to spend money on his to-do lists.
17a. Tall - This trait is quite liked by some women.
17b. Short - Some short men are very ambitious, empathetic and successful
18a. Muscular - Another trait loved by women.
18b. Flabby - He may be at risk for health issues.
19a. Good dresser - The clothes make the man?
19b. Poor Dresser - Definitely a drawback.
20a. Adaptable - Always ready for fun!
20b. Set in his ways - May not be ready for fun!

21a. A good kisser - A good come-on.
21b. Not a good kisser - May be a turnoff.
22a. Good looking - Easy on the eyes and a turn-on too.
22b. Plain looking - You will have to rely on his other good qualities.
23a. Sensitive - You can clearly tell he has feelings.
23b. Insensitive - Not in touch with his feelings or yours!
24a. Honest - You don't have to worry about problems brought into your lives because of his dishonesty.
24c. Dishonest - Your worries about his dishonesty can bring you discomfort.
25a. Open minded - He lives and lets live.
25b. Narrow minded - His narrow mindedness restricts your life.


26a. Caring and Thoughtful - Thoughtful care is what it's all about.
26b. Uncaring and Thoughtless - A liability.
27a. Ambitious - but not too ambitious.
27b. Lazy - Leads to a lot of problems.
28a. Empathetic - He knows what you are feeling without being told.
28b. Not empathetic  - He is clueless about your feelings.
29a. Spontaneous - You never know what fun is coming your way!
29b. Deliberate - Fun is not as much fun when it is deliberate.
30a. Respectful - Gives and earns respect.
30b. Disrespectful - Loses whatever respect he has earned.

31a. Consistent - Consistently fun, romantic and reliable?
31b  Inconsistent - Everything is by fits and starts.
32a. Humble - This quality is a real bonus.
32b. Arrogant - Causes him to have 'enemies'.
33a. Charming - He has the basics of attraction.
33b. Boring - This trait could be accompanied by personality issues.
34a. Adventurous - Adventure combined with romance is great fun.
34b. Timid - This trait is liked by very few women.
35a. Accepting of mate's shortcomings - Comes from his generous nature.
35b. Not accepting of mate's shortcomings - Comes from his mean nature.

36a. Shave daily - A very large percentage of women prefer clean shaven men.
36b. Bearded and mustachioed - May indicate a high level of confidence or meanness.
37a. Tells the girl she is pretty - He is not self centered.
37b. Does not tell the girl she is pretty - He may be self centered.
38a. Make the girl feel comfortable - The starting point for a romance.
38b. Does not make the girl feel comfortable - He loses the romance before it starts.
39a. Doesn't embarrass the girl - A gentleman.
39b. Embarrasses the girl frequently - A boor.
40a. Doesn't forget the girl's birthday - An important part of being romantic.
40b. Forgets the girl's birthday - but he wants the girl to remember his birthday!

41a. Doesn't make fun of the girl - He doesn't need to.
41b. Makes fun of the girl - He is insecure.
42a. Makes the girl feel safe - Another requirement for a romance to start.
42b. Does not make the girl feel safe - No romance for him.
43a. Is financially conservative - Keeps out of financial trouble and is free to
participate in happiness.
43b  Spends a lot to keep up appearances - Familiar with a bankruptcy?
44a. Has a nice smile and smiles a lot - Provides joy in a subtle way.
44b. Serious faced - Headed for ulcers?
45a. Shows you affection in the presence of others - He likes you and is happy to show it.
45b. Never shows you affection in the presence of others - too much of a stiff upper lip?

46a. Has a nice singing voice and sings to you - The ultimate romantic gift from the perfect boyfriend.
46b. Doesn't have a nice singing voice and doesn't sing to you - He cannot give you the ultimate romantic gift.
47a. He appreciates music and your singing - don't music lovers make better lovers?
47b. Doesn't have an appreciation for music - It is unlikely he can sing.
48a. He is touchy feely and gives you massages - Important if you are a touchy feely person.
48b. He is not touchy feely and massages are out of the question - Too bad.
49a. He lets you have your own space and goes off into his own space occasionally - He knows some space is important in a romance.
49b. He wants to be with you all the time - He is insecure!
50a. Clean and smells manly - He has that basic quality.
50b. Not usually clean and doesn't smell good - Basic fail.

Add your own requirements to the list before...

... you make the profile of the perfect boyfriend for you. Then go "dear hunting" and avoid a lonely fate. For more tips on finding Mr. Right go to Ten Tips For Finding Mr. Right.

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