Do You Want To See Immediate Help For The Lonely?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Maybe you, the lonely, are not interested in finding out about the causes of your loneliness, in finding out about solutions that work slowly but surely. You want to get down to the brass tacks right away - get down to something that works within minutes.

For the lonely, avoiding anxiety, avoiding sad days without necessarily going for counseling can become important. You said you wanted immediate help.

Well, how about this:

How about video dating via the internet?!


If you have a web camera already installed on your computer, get ready - you are going to be on a video date within minutes. You can meet guys and gals near you or across the world in a free live video and chat.

This website I am going to tell you about is a live introductions platform - the world's biggest. You meet people in sessions via webcam. If you don't have a web camera, you can still meet people via chat and email.

Sign up for the website as a member, find an interesting dating session, join the session and meet people in five minutes. You may have to download messaging software after you have verified that you are a real person.

After you sign up... on their link for safety on the web.

Then it would be a good idea to click on the word "More" under the title "Getting Started" in the top right hand corner and click on "Help" to find out how use Zoosk .

Here it is, step by step:

1) Find the best current picture of yourself and download it to your computer. Make sure it is not a picture that makes you look like one of the lonely. You are going to use it later.

2) Make sure you have Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer if your computer is a pc. You can get it from

3) Go to and join as a member. Fill out your basic info, upload your picture. Try to maintain as much anonymity and privacy as you can.

4) After you create your new account, see if you can find some people you already know and build up your friend network. If you are at because you don't have any friends, don't worry about building up a friend network. Just jump into the chat sessions or check on the people tab and start meeting people.

Once you become a member of, your actions at that website are a matter between you and

Always watch out for your safety and security.

Here is the link:

Go to


Bonus Solutions:

Smile more and have a friendly, approachable disposition.

Think positively. It is attractive to those you want to attract.

Be more confident and believe in yourself and people will be attracted to you.

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