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You can find temporary-loneliness in kindergarten, not amongst the toddlers, but experienced by the teachers! Temporary loneliness enters the lives of people in interesting ways. One way that it enters the lives of people is via their jobs.

When the toddlers work...

...their way to high school and leave for college, some of them experience temporary loneliness as soon as they start their first term. A lot of people encounter loneliness for the first time when they start college or start their first job.

That first encounter with loneliness...

...ends with the beginning of the first relationship while in college or first job. And begins again between relationships. Some college students quickly jump into relationships just to avoid that temporary loneliness. And yet the episodes continue for those who don't take the time to relax and ponder the reasons behind their feelings of loneliness.

Some people experience temporary-loneliness when...

...they impose solitude upon themselves in order to complete a project. People in such circumstances realize that they are feeling lonely but the circumstances are in their control and so they put up with the loneliness until they can get their project completed.


They don't worry about getting unlonely because they know as soon as they finish their project they can go back to their unlonely lives.

Workers who move over to a night shift encounter the loneliness of working at odd hours of the day. They get separated from their families or mates and they need to sleep while the normal day gets going.

Promotions, particularly to a supervisory level, introduce temporary loneliness to the lives of workers. After a promotion, they suddenly find it hard to be friendly with their old buddies and their bosses are only testing them with new demands.

If the promotion involves moving to another city, there are two layers of temporary loneliness they have to deal with: the loneliness of having very few friends at their level of the job and the temporary loneliness of being in a new city.

Even people who change churches...

...while remaining in the same city encounter temporary loneliness until they make friends at the new church. It takes an effort to get comfortable at a new church and find friends whose spiritual values are similar to their own spiritual values.

When people find themselves unexpectedly in a hospital...

...they experience temporary-loneliness. Deprived of even their clothes they find themselves in an alternate universe within our normal world. Getting up is hard to do and they suddenly find themselves in the position of having to follow directions of others. And there is hardly any company!

People are left alone with their discomfort and if they are lucky they have one companion and maybe some visitors during "visiting hours."

In case of loss of a mate to illness or death or loss of a relationship, temporary loneliness starts and continues until the person can recover from the loss.

There are several other circumstances that...

...cause people to experience temporary-loneliness until the circumstances end for them. When they understand what is happening to them, the temporary nature of the condition and they start to search for solutions, they usually succeed in overcoming temporary loneliness.

Bonus Solution:

Keep a note of how you solve your temporary loneliness. Once you have a list of methods to solve temporary loneliness it will keep you from being chronically lonely.

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