Joining Support Groups Actually Helps You Overcome Loneliness!

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Are supports groups useful for the lonely person? Why would joining support groups help such a person? As soon as you join for example, and have spent a little time in the group you won't feel so alone.

You will have put yourself in a position to receive some understanding and non-professional support. You will also find that you now have a place to vent your feelings. The same is true with another popular site called

After you have spent some time participating... the support environment, you may notice another person suffering from the same kind of loneliness as yours. You will also be able to see how that person is dealing with or not dealing with that kind of loneliness.

In either case, you will have an opportunity to discuss your situation with another person who has a good chance of understanding what you are going through. In India they have a proverb, "One and One makes eleven!" Your power to overcome your loneliness would greatly increase if you partnered online with this other person.

What if you find no one else that is...

...suffering from 'your' kind of loneliness? If you are patient and participate in a couple of online support environments, the Universe will send help your way. While you are not 'getting' help, be sure to 'give' help whenever you feel you have something to contribute to lessening another person's anguish.

By definition, support websites consist of people in similar situations and are thus very valuable to you - the person in need of support.

When people get lonely...

...they tend to subscribe to the opinion that their loneliness is unique, at least, in their local community. Well, step out of your local community by joining an online support group.

Then you will be exposed to many other people who are experiencing 'your' kind of loneliness, whether it is a lonely heart loneliness, internal loneliness, night shift loneliness, ceo loneliness or any one of the several different kinds of loneliness. You will have an opportunity to discuss possible solutions, congratulate those that are experiencing successes, comfort those that are experiencing failures and receive similar support.

When you participate, ...

... remember one thing: According to neurologist Rich Hanson, most humans have a natural preference for negativity. Also, a support group is a place where there is room for participants to vent their negative emotions. If you can provide comforting support, a positive counterpoint to the negativity, a practical positive suggestion, do so at the appropriate time. Otherwise, protect your mind from the negativity and keep looking for participants that can intelligently discuss coping strategies for dealing with and overcoming loneliness.

Support groups also...

...expose you to the 'tribal knowledge of the group' about resources. There may even be input from professionals available to the group because of the power of the numbers in the group. When you are not part of such a group, the chances of discovering those resources on your own are considerably slimmer.


It would be a good idea to work your 'support time' into your routine. Otherwise you are likely to spend a lot of time at the support website at the very beginning and not go back to it often enough. To get the maximum benefit it would be a good idea to visit the support website at regular intervals until you obtain the solutions you need to overcome your loneliness.

You can join one or two support groups depending on the availability of time. While you are participating in your groups, search regularly on for other such groups. That way, if you start to dislike one of your groups, you will know which other such groups you can join right away.

After you have found the solutions you need, you might want to explore the idea of becoming a person who helps others overcome their loneliness, i.e. a Lonely People Champion.

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Join online support groups for peak psychological and physical health.

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