Wouldn't It Be Nice To Have Someone To Call?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Do you need someone to call to relieve your loneliness? Just call people on Skype who want to b called. Click the link in the right column. If you could call someone, wouldn't that take care of the problem? Simple enough, isn't it? Yet, not so simple for lonely people. Whom to call? That is the big question. The answer is provided above. I also provide two phone numbers at the bottom of this page but you will derive more benefit if you read your way to the phone numbers.

Besides having someone to call, ...

... how about a service that calls you five days a week with an encouraging word? That kind of service implies that a human being cares enough about you to call you.

That service ought to be expensive. However, you are probably looking for a human being that cares enough to call you without being paid a penny. Until that happens, it is quite worthwhile to pay a human being to call you as long as the person calls you several times a week.

There are three problems with such services:

1. Those services are very expensive to provide.

2. The services are emotionally difficult for the providers.

3. Since enough lonely people do not subscribe within a short period of time, the services don't survive. I have watched many such services show up on the internet and then close down.

This time I have found a website that makes it possible for you to order a phone call service where you get a phone call five days a week.

The interesting thing about this service is that it is reasonably priced. You can order an "Encouragement Calls Service" for $9.95 a month or a "Be A Friend" calling service for lonely people for $24.95 a month. There are other pricing plans but I have mentioned the lowest priced ones. You can get the details at Get Encouragement, Be A Friend Calling Service.

If you can afford their low rates and if you would benefit from a caring phone call five days a week, I highly recommend that you try this service.

If you are not satisfied with the service you can always cancel the service within the first seven days because the website offers a money back guarantee.

If you cannot afford their service, subscribe to their monthly tips. That way, if they start an email encouragement service you will have the opportunity to join.

If you search through your memory...

...it may be hard to find a someone to call who is going to make you feel better by the end of the conversation. I am going to show you how to solve that problem.

Take into consideration a few facts about yourself before you reach for the phone. A few phone calls to known persons are not going to make you a sociable person. Your first step for achieving that is to admit to yourself and the world that you are a lonely person and you are the one that needs to call.

Also, ask yourself...

...if you are the kind of person you would like to receive a call from. Do others consider you to be someone to call? Are you gruff in person. Are you short tempered and likely to lose your temper in the middle of a phone conversation? Remember, temper loss is not allowed while on a social phone call. Are you likely to end the phone conversation abruptly? That is also a no-no. Phone conversations are supposed to have a warm up phase at the beginning, warm conversation in the middle and a cool down phase at the end. Otherwise you will leave your callee feeling bad.

Do you have a lot to complain about?

Well, don't do any complaining on your calls. Most people cannot stand to be at the receiving end of a call from a complainer. They certainly wouldn't consider a complainer to be someone to call. Similarly, you will find that your call will not be welcome if you have done terrible things to hurt the feelings of friends or relatives in the past, are moody, nosy or you have the habit of gossiping. Make sure you are in a mood to build bridges and not walls when you make these calls to relatives or old friends. Remember, you are the one that will benefit when your call goes well.

Now take a pen and paper...

...and make a list of every one who is your relative or friend and could be someone to call. Arrange the list in the order you would like to call them. Call the first person on the list. If that person is not available to answer your call, move on to the next person in the list until you are talking to some one on the phone.

If during that phone conversation, another known person's name comes up, ask for that person's phone number. If the phone number or contact information is not offered, ignore that situation and complete your call. Call the next person on the list and follow the same process. Most people can work their way to at least a few people they can call regularly, say once a month.

Suppose there is no one you "feel like bothering."

That is not a good enough excuse. Loneliness is very difficult to endure and it has some very serious bad effects on your health. But supposing there is no one you can call. There is a solution for that as well. The Boys and Girls Town national hotline for distressed boys and girls is at 1-800-448-3000. If you are an adult, that is O.K. They will refer you to other phone numbers you can call.

If you are in the United States, dial 211 and see if you reach a person who can give you a list of essential community service phone numbers. In that long list will be a phone number you can call to just chat with someone for a few minutes and be guided to some good community resources. If you are not in the United States, go to HowToCallAbroad.com and find out how to dial an 800 U.S. number from another country.

If you are a person over age 60 and in the United States, you can call the national Friendship  line provided by Institute Of Aging: 800-971-0016. You will be able to chat with a person to relieve your loneliness. Since this is a phone line for older adults, it is very useful for them but not very useful for people who don't consider themselves to be 'older'.

If you are an adventurous person...

...you can try calling those Skype members who have said that they want to be called. You will need a Skype account before you can call them. Don't expect too much when you call the Skype members. Also be on the lookout for people who want to prey on lonely people. With those cautions in mind the link for calling people on Skype who have said they want to be called is in the right column of this page.

Bonus solution:

Search through your list of relatives and acquaintances to find at least three people you can call. Then forgive old hurts and just call them.

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