How To Deal With The Loneliness Caused By Our Society.

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In this society when you start to search for information about the action steps that lead out of loneliness, you will find that there is very little that has been written about it. A lot has been written about loneliness, but about getting out of loneliness - very little.

Is it easy to recognize a lonely person when we go about our daily lives? Not usually. What is easy to see are the obvious cases of course, the ones who are alone and quite often have a haunted look on their faces, the ones who talk a lot given the slightest opportunity.


However, there are many lonely people who are not easily spotted in this social world. There are lonely people who are with friends or part of a pair. There is no external clue that these people are lonely. Loneliness is usually a silent condition.

It helps to understand the different classes of loneliness caused by four different factors: 1) Social Order. 2) Circumstances. 3) Internal causes. and 4) Natural disabilities.

Social Order. The way civilization works today, talking to strangers is frowned upon - by the strangers and the onlookers.

This civil society and the individuals in it...

...prize privacy to an unnatural extent. Individuals as a group do not care that a certain number of its members die from loneliness simply so that individuals in the group can have the privacy they want.

This attitude may have had its seeds in the industrial revolution. When large numbers of humans left their farms and went to the factories, the factory owners were able to dictate terms of employment without regard to the well being of the employees. This gave rise to the labor movement.

The labor movement, has...

...for the most part failed. Individuals, have learned to watch out for themselves instead of watching out for each other. To watch out for themselves they need privacy. To watch out for each other, they would need to be in touch with each other.

So, we are still in the hangover phase from the failure of the labor movement, we still have to re-learn how to watch out for each other and freely talk to each other and reap the benefits of doing so. Unfortunately, it takes a long time for society to change direction.

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Bonus Solution:

Take a class in social dancing.

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