Are Social Network Sites Useful For Overcoming Your Loneliness?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Social Network Sites are very useful for overcoming loneliness. If you are using such sites unsuccessfully you are losing wonderful opportunities.

Instead of using such sites to complain and not getting anywhere as far as overcoming your loneliness, it would be worthwhile for you to learn how to use the sites properly.

The first such site to use is... because you use that site to connect with groups of like minded people. After you have connected with a like minded group you then follow up by meeting them off-line.

The next site that is very useful for...

...lonely people is Facebook. Facebook is used by about 71% of online adults.


When compared with, Facebook has one disadvantage – your benefit of using Facebook is all online. It usually doesn't lead to off line activities.

A site favored by women and girls is Pintrest. However, Pinterest is not much use as an aid for overcoming loneliness. It is useful for pursuing hobbies and interests.

Instagram is a social network site favored by teenagers and mainly used to share photos and other online data.

If you really want to put social networks to good use...

...for overcoming loneliness you will need to learn how to find the social network websites that are best suited to you. Since you are the one who has an intimate knowledge of your interests and preferences, it is up to you to find the social network that is right for you.

There are two ways for finding a network that best suits you:

The first method is very straight forward. Just click this List Of Sites and check to see if a site listed meets your needs.

The second method is to learn how to search for a social networking site that will fit your requirements. That method is explained more fully in the Social Network Service page.

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