Social Network Services - Are You Using Any?

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A Social Network Service (SNS) is a service which allows people with shared interests to communicate easily.

The easiest way to facilitate such communication is to provide the service online. There are several such online services.

The first such service was an online blogging community called Open Diary and it started in 1998. The service that is most useful for lonely people is Facebook. You can find out more about using Facebook to find new friends at the Online Social Network page.


Such network services can be of great service to you. There is a service called If you have an illness that has turned your life upside down and you are feeling lonely on top of your other problems, you can join this website to communicate with people who have the same illness as you.

You will find information, support, companionship and possibly friends. You can even search for the condition called loneliness and find a lot of information about it.

You can find such services useful on a friends and family level by using This service is a not-for-profit service. It provides free websites that will allow your friends and family to connect during a family emergency involving health.

That is an example of using an SNS to achieve a personal purpose.

You can also use an SNS to be a social activist and promote green living. The name of that service is

You can use for finding people with common interests and local to your area. This SNS promotes off-line activities.

One very good way of using such network services is to learn how to find the network service that would be useful to you. The way to do that is to search in by using plain English questions in the search box.

As an example, if you wanted to find a social network for a particular ethnic group, health issue, hobby, subject of interest, you would type the following in the search box: “How can I find social network service for 'matter of interest'” In place of 'matter of interest' would be the subject of your interest.

Supposing you search for an SNS for your interest and you don't find it. You can start your own social network service by going to!

What more could you ask for? You will have to work to make your service popular but you are very likely to make friends along the way!

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