Can Social Network Games Help You Overcome Loneliness?

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Social network games are online games that can be played in your internet browser with others online. These games are played via your social network site and do use your individual data that is on your social network site.

Millions of people play these games online. More than 50% of those millions are women. Usually these games are easy to play and are called casual games. The people you are playing with don't have to be on the social network site at the same time as you.

Quite often you have to ...

... buy credits to play these games. Be careful about how much money you spend on games because game producers find all kinds of ways to provide reasons for you to spend money. Most of what they sell you is delivered online, i.e. virtual goods.

Often the information about a subscription is buried in the fine print. If you find that you have subscribed to a service without realizing you did so, you can call your cell phone provider and have the charges reversed.

If you get pulled in by the sales pitch of the game producers and knowingly buy the services, you could end up spending a lot of money on games and also remain lonely!

When you participate in social network games, ...

...  you may be the target of games that exploit game players. You may be subjected to spam, phishing scams, identity theft, etc. Please learn how to set the privacy settings of your social network to protect your private information.

Also, please be careful about whom you add as a friend on your social network. There are a lot of spammers who request that you add them as a friend.

Unless you know someone personally, don't add that someone as a friend. If you do add a person as a friend, do so after you have called the person and confirmed that the person sent you the friend request.

Quite often, after you have added a person as a friend, you get other requests to add the same person as a friend. Ignore such multiple friend requests. They are probably from a hacker or spammer.

If you are a player ...

... of computer games and you are looking for mate who is also a gamer, you might want to sign up with Gamesville.

You can play games, chat with others, mark others as your friends. It's like finding a social life online. The games played at Gamesville are casual games.

Casual games are easy to learn online games and are usually played by older females. If you are not interested in meeting older females, it still helps to be sociable. Remember older females will happily introduce you to people your own age. All you have to do is be a nice human being and be sociable.

If you are interested in ...

... arcade games, board games or games that involve adventure, puzzles, strategy, hidden objects or trivia, the way to become social and find people interested in the same games is to look for opportunities to join websites related to the social network games you are interested in.

Search and find websites that provide information or winning strategies for "your" games. In particular, find such websites that have forums or a chat facility. Some of these games can also be played on your smart phones. When you participate in the forums or chat, avoid making negative comments. Negative comments have a way of dragging you down and keep you from making worthwhile friends.

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