Social Network - Is It Any Good? Got To Have One?

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A social network in tatters or absent maybe the reason you are lonely. An understanding of a network of friends and family and its importance may be a big help in overcoming your loneliness.

A lot of lonely people have strong opinions and don't easily get along with others. They are quite happy to be “left alone”. However, life is a dynamic thing, built one day at a time.


If you seek to be left alone, you will get your wish and before you know it you will find yourself unconnected to a network of people. Your intimate relationship is part of your social structure.

That is how you come to find yourself lonely and your social structure absent.

Some people start out with a social structure but don't take the actions needed to maintain their network in the face of life changes. When you leave school and go to college, when you or your friends get married, when you change jobs, when you retire, those are the life changes after which you have to work to maintain and rejuvenate your network.

Maintaining a social group involves making new friends and spending time with friends you already have. Socializing with friends you already have, is expensive in terms of time. However, it is worthwhile to spend the time keeping up friendships; otherwise the quality of life suffers terribly.

If your social network is either absent or in bad shape there are four things to do that might help:

1. Join a religious organization and actively volunteer in their activities or actively participate in the activities. Make sure you agree with the spiritual thought process of the religious organization that you choose, so you can grow spiritually in addition to building your social safety net.

Do make an effort to keep away from politics because religious organizations have a tendency to get you involved in politics. You would probably be better off being involved in politics without the group think of any organization.

2. Join Facebook. Read up on how to set your privacy settings so that you can overcome your privacy concerns about Facebook. Send out friend requests to your email list and to any friends you have from your past.

When you get friends on Facebook, actively stay in touch with them. Online networks like Facebook are the new way of maintaining such networks.

3. Spend some time convincing yourself that you need to provide social events, and attend social events even though you don't have the natural inclination to do so.

Focusing too much on the irritating aspects of people is likely to send you back to your loneliness. You have to look past the nature and weaknesses of human beings and focus on the good in them.

4. Realize that you need two things to be socially successful:

a) You need a social network and it is important for your mental and physical health.

b) You have to give a gift to every human you meet; whether it is a smile, a compliment, special knowledge that will benefit them, your desire for their well being or something they value.

A social network is very important for your well being. It takes time to maintain it and now you know how to build, repair and maintain it.

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