Social Anxiety Treatments Are Easy To Find. Which Ones To Use?

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Social Anxiety Treatments can be of varied types. Most of the information presented here is about treatments for social anxiety disorder. However, some of the videos may be useful for helping social anxiety that is not yet a disorder.

I will present the most unusual and experimental treatment for social anxiety first. If you try it, you will be trying it at your own risk.


I will present the most unusual and experimental treatment for social anxiety first. If you try it, you will be trying it at your own risk. It is called EFT – emotional freedom technique. The technique is very simple to use. It lets you send messages directly to your subconscious.

My experience with emotional freedom technique has been that it works. It would be up to you to decide if EFT is going to be useful in overcoming your social anxiety. Once you have made that decision, it will be up to you to use the technique.

Here is a two part video that will show you how to use EFT for your social anxiety. Just follow along and do what Sebastian does in both these videos.

Part 1

Part 2

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy is known to be useful in overcoming social anxiety.

Here is how you can find a therapist who uses cognitive al therapy. Go to the website ABCT Association For Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies and search for such a therapist in your area.

To find detailed instructions about finding such a therapist in your area of the United States go to the Social Anxiety Disorder page.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And NeuroLinquistic Programming

Andrej Sosic has come up with a method of treatment for social anxiety disorder by combining cognitive behavioral therapy and neurolinguistic programming. This video will give you more information about it.

If you would prefer that I earn an affiliate fee on this social anxiety treatment for bringing it to your attention please click on Social Anxiety Survivor.

How to get the professional help of a psychologist:

To get detailed information go to American Psychological Association's Help Center. That page gives you information about how to do the best job of getting help from a psychologist and it has a Psychologist Locator link. A psychologist cannot prescribe medications.

How to get professional help of a psychiatrist:

It is recommended that you contact your personal physician and ask for references to a few psychiatrists. If you don't wish to do that then you can search for a psychiatrist by clicking on Find A Psychiatrist. The search is very easy to perform. 

Social anxiety and social anxiety disorder are very treatable.

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