Social Anxiety Support - Do You Need It?

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Social anxiety support - There is a lot of it available because social anxiety is viewed as more of a social disorder than loneliness. One can have social anxiety without being lonely.

According to surveys...

...about 12% of the population has social anxiety. To get a clue or a confirmation for yourself that you have social anxiety go to Quibblo and take the Social Anxiety Syndrome quiz. The quiz will indicate to you whether there is  high chance that you have the social anxiety syndrome or there is no chance that you have the social anxiety syndrome.

Overcoming loneliness involves...

...taking part in social activities. When a person avoids social activities because of social anxiety, then the social anxiety needs to be overcome.


If you are avoiding social events because of social anxiety, you may need to get the help of a cognitive behavior therapist, psychologist or psychiatrist.

Until you go see a psychologist or psychiatrist, you can go to the Chat-Roulette page to find out about a particular free chat page and chat with random people as a way to interact socially via the internet. Doing so will give you great practice in social interaction while you are safe at home. You can do that until you get professional help and start social activities off-line.

One of the best things... can do to help yourself is type the term 'social anxiety  support' in Google and click on the search icon. Explore the first ten or twenty search results. The amount of support available for social anxiety from those search results is just amazing.

If you cannot afford...

...the help of a psychologist or psychiatrist but you have questions about your social anxiety and want them answered you can go to Ask A Doctor. Just type in your question in the box and click on Get An Answer. It will cost you about fifteen to hundred American dollars. Quite often it is worth spending some money to get answers instead of suffering your way through the social anxiety.

Overcome the social anxiety and then use the information on this website to easily overcome your loneliness.

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