Social Anxiety Self Help - Want To Try It?

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Social anxiety self help is not very easy but it is very do-able. It's not easy because it involves stepping out of your comfort zone.

Here are a few steps suggested for Social Anxiety Self Help:

1. The first thing to do is to test your social anxiety to find out the extent of it. Go to this website and take the test.

If your score is low you can explore self help options. If your test is high, contact a psychotherapist and seek treatment for it.

2. Search the internet for information about social anxiety, read the information and become very knowledgeable about social anxiety.

3. Join a social anxiety forum and read and understand the experience of others with their social anxiety while providing all the support you can. Most social anxiety forums will also provide you peer support.

4. Having a set of statements you can repeat to yourself silently when you feel anxious is a very useful way to help yourself.

Formulate and memorize helpful statements to be used when you feel anxious. Use any suitable statements as many times as necessary, to combat negative, anxiety causing thoughts.

5. Deep breathing will have a calming effect on you.

Learn to breathe the proper way. Breathe in deeply through your nose and unobtrusively breathe out through your mouth. Breathe that way as much as needed to calm yourself.


6. Anonymously using chatrooms for people with social anxiety is also a form of self help. You can find such chatrooms by searching for the term 'social anxiety chatrooms' in Google.

7. I have mentioned a couple of self help programs you can buy on the internet on the Overcoming Social Anxiety page.

8. During the time you are trying to use self help to overcome your social anxiety, if you have some questions you need answered by a professional, use Ask A Doctor.

It may cost you money to get your question answered but quite often it is worthwhile to spend the money and get the information you need.

9. If self help does not work for you and you need the help of a psychiatrist, contact your personal physician for a referral to a psychiatrist or psychotherapist. Alternatively, you can search for a psychiatrist by going to Psychiatrist Find.

10. Since you are more familiar with your social anxiety, you are best qualified to use your resourcefulness to come up with coping mechanisms that help you overcome your social anxiety. Please add to this list of self help options or make your own list.

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