Social Anxiety Forums - Are Those Useful?

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Social Anxiety Forum – the interesting thing about finding such a forum is knowing which forum to join to the exclusion of others.

A person with social anxiety could join the wrong forum, get disappointed with it and leave, never to return to a forum again. If you were to do that, you would miss out on some extremely valuable social anxiety help from other people who suffer from the same problem.

So, it is worthwhile to look for a good forum.

Once you find out about the SAS (social anxiety support) forum you can actually stop reading this page and head on over to SAS Forum because you don't really need another social anxiety forum.


However, there are many who suffer from social anxiety but don't have social anxiety disorder. They will find this forum useful: Social Phobia World - Social Anxiety . Please don't expect this forum to be as active as the one shown below.

The forum for those who suffer from social anxiety disorder is Social Phobia World - Social Anxiety Disorder. This forum is much more active than the one for social anxiety.

Socially anxious people in the UK may prefer this forum which is called a discussion board:   SAUK Social Anxiety UK   .  This forum is quite active because many people post on it regularly. You have to register to participate in this forum.

The nice thing about this next forum is that you don't need to register or create a password to participate in their chat room. You can do that here: SAUK Social Anxiety UK Chat Room . Many socially anxious people appreciate that they can chat anonymously in that chat room.

Being in a chat room is similar to being in a forum, except that everything happens much faster and in real time. Your advantage is that you can get the benefit of both. When you feel like moving at a slower pace, participate in the forum. When you need interaction with the immediacy of real time, participate in a chat.

Another chat room that is nice, friendly and anonymous for people with social anxiety is Healthful Chat Social Anxiety .

When you go to that page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Chat Room Rules. On the new page that shows up, close the video screen that shows up before the automatic download begins. Read the chat room rules.

Then click on the back arrow of your browser to come back to the page where you can click on the Enter Chat Room button. Your nickname will already be filled in. Change it, if you like, or leave it as it is and click on the Connect button and you will find yourself in the social anxiety chat room.

The nice thing about anonymous chat for people with social anxiety is that they can chat with others and gradually overcome their social anxiety.

Participating in social anxiety forums and chat rooms is quite often recommended by therapists to their patients.

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