Social Anxiety Disorder Tests Are Easy To Take. Are They Useful?

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Social anxiety disorder tests are worth taking. When you have social anxiety it is difficult to tell if you have a very low level of it or a very high level. When you take a test, and the tests are very easy to take over the internet, you can relax if you find out you have social anxiety at a very low level.

If it turns out your social anxiety is at a high level, you can explore treatment options.

I found three tests and...


...they seem to be quite reliable. I am providing you information about three because there are some differences between them and you might prefer one or the other test. You might also find it worthwhile to take all three.

The first test is a simple one page test with a few questions. The second one is a bit more involved. The third test has several parts to it. All the three tests are easy to take.


If you prefer a quick and short one page test that is equally effective in identifying the extent of your social anxiety, then you can take the SPIN test. It is a one page test consisting of seventeen questions.


This test is from the Social Anxiety Institute. You can take it at the Test For Social Anxiety Disorder.

It is a long list of questions and the list is not a numbered list. So, once you start answering questions you get involved in the questions and before you know it you have answered the last question and you can click on submit.

When you hit submit, you are presented with your score. Not only that, the results page tells you the meaning of scores in different ranges.


This is a Test for SAD from Columbia University. This test comes in 24 parts on 24 pages. To take full advantage of this test you would do well to answer the question and then print out the page before hitting the Next Question button. If you print out all the twenty four pages you can examine the questions and your answers and get the full benefit of the test. However, you can also simply answer the questions and move on to the Next Question without printing anything.

If you search...

...for the term, “social anxiety disorder test” in your favorite search engine, you are likely to come across many different tests. However, the quality of the test varies a lot.

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