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Social anxiety cure - those three words get some people with social anxiety very agitated. Perhaps they believe that it is not possible to cure social anxiety and all one can do is learn to live with it.

A social anxiety cure is available if... believe your social anxiety can be cured and you want it cured. That is the first step - believing that your social anxiety can be cured.

And it is a big step. It may take you weeks to convince your self that YOUR social anxiety can be cured. Social anxiety is different from social phobia.

Once you have convinced yourself, then... is a question of finding the steps you must take.

Finding the steps required for a social anxiety cure is the easy part. Taking the steps is the hard part and where the cure occurs.

The steps can be follows:

1. Seek the professional services of a psychotherapist and tell your psychotherapist that you do not wish to take any medications.

The goal is a social anxiety cure without taking any medications. The medications only work on suppressing the symptoms, don't work on the root cause and don't achieve a social anxiety cure.

The medications can also cause side effects and you end up managing the side effects in addition to your social anxiety.

The psychotherapist is most likely to use cognitive behavioral therapy to treat your social anxiety. Ask your psychotherapist for a date by which your social anxiety will be cured.

If you psychotherapist does not give you an approximate date by which your social anxiety will be cured, or an approximate date by which you will reach a significant milestone, find another psychotherapist who will give you such an approximate date.

2. Try to figure out the cause of your social anxiety. If you cannot figure it out, that is O.K. too. There is a way to work toward a cure without knowing the cause of the anxiety. It is listed in item 8 below.

3. If you think most people are judging you, realize that most people are quite a bit into themselves. Hard to accept, but most people just don't care that much about people they meet.

4. Use a notepad and write down a description of your comfort zone. Then identify the outer edges of your comfort zone. Then resolve to do one small thing outside your comfort zone tomorrow - something similar to being kind to the cashier at the grocery store.

It is O.K. to start small but it is very important to keep stepping outside your comfort zone at regular intervals. It is better to step outside your comfort zone every day but I say regular intervals because that will allow you to define the length of that regular interval.

The important thing is to keep doing it. If you do that you will find that your comfort zone will expand. An expanded comfort zone can be a cure to social anxiety.

5. Join a Toastmasters International club and attend the meetings regularly. At Toastmasters club meetings you can be at the outer edges of the group in the beginning and the group will slowly draw you in. It is a wonderful club to help you step outside your comfort zone at regular intervals.

6. Realize that when you talk to a person you are paying that person a tiny compliment and that tiny compliment is a gift from you to that person. If that person does not know how to gracefully accept your gift and also hurts your feelings, that person has a problem. Not you.

When you give a person a gift ( i.e. talk to the person), if the person is obviously not interested in your gift (i.e. in what you are saying), don't continue to give the person more of the same gifts. Find another person to give the gift of your wonderfulness.

7. Realize that comfort in social situations is like the skill of walking. You probably stumbled a lot when you were first learning to walk. Failure is a large part of success. So, if you commit a faux pas, so what? Everyone fails regularly.

8. If you think your brain chemistry is causing you to feel anxious in social situations, change your brain chemistry? How? Exercise.

This is the work around to the situation when you don't know what is causing you to feel social anxiety. This work around is also the one that many people will not use because exercise is hot and sweaty work.

However, if you want to cure your social anxiety, exercise is a crucial and important step. Please don't skip it. Exercise until people begin to comment about how fit you look.

9. Learn how to breathe in such a way that it relaxes you. Breathe deeply through your nose so that it causes your stomach to push outward. Then breathe out gently and unobtrusively from your mouth. Try it.

As soon as you breathe in deeply through your nose you will feel a calmness through yourself. Learn to breathe like that and you can calm yourself at will.

10. Learn how to communicate directly with your subconscious and change the beliefs that are the root cause of your social anxiety.

To learn how to communicate directly with your subconscious, go to Belief Closet. Lion Goodman, the creator of that website can teach you how to do that.

I believe social anxiety is curable but of course every one has their own opinion and some people pay heavily for their opinions.

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