Does Social Anxiety Cause Loneliness For You? Can You Overcome It?

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Social anxiety, or social angst, causes loneliness for many people. It works in a very subtle way to cause a person loneliness. The person avoids social occasions because s/he is uncomfortable in those situations. Avoiding social occasions provides time in the person's comfort zone.

However, avoiding many social occasions has a cumulative effect. When the person is ready for social company, quite often there is nobody available for social activity.

Social angst... suffered by those who care what other humans think about them. However, since we are social animals, it is hard wired in us to care about the opinions of others.


There are a few humans whose mental make up is such that they are not at all concerned about the opinions of others. Such people sow misery in the lives of others and sometimes in their own lives.

So, if you are suffering from social angst, it simply means that you are human. Just remember that what you think about me is none of my business. Also, what any one thinks about you is none of your business. You are better off ignoring what anyone thinks about you and just doing everything to the best of your ability.

Just because you...

...suffer from social angst doesn't mean you have the disorder. Such a disorder is also called social phobia. It is a chronic problem in which your social uncertainty prevents you from taking certain social actions. Examples are public speaking, being at parties or being in any situation where you are likely to be evaluated by others. This video explains a lot about the disorder.

It would be worthwhile... take a test to see how you do. If your test score is low you don't have to be concerned about it and you can go to the social anxiety cure page and take the actions that will help you overcome your anxiety.

You can take the test at Social Phobia Inventory.

If your test score is high it might be worthwhile to explore treatment options. You may want to contact a Cognitive Behavior Therapist and seek treatment.

If your test results do not indicate a severe condition, you may do well by joining a social anxiety forum. When people get together they can provide therapy to each other, a kind of therapy that even psychiatrists and psychologists may not be able to provide.

There are different ways of treatment.

You can explore self help options at the Social Anxiety Self Help page.

Overcoming this problem is a prerequisite to overcoming your loneliness.

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