Social Actions - Worth Performing? Do These Actions Provide You Any Benefits?

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Social actions are those actions you would perform with the recognition that you are a member of society. Give full vent to your disagreements and then realize you are still a member of society no matter how much you disagree with it. The alternative is to live a life apart from society even if it causes you to be lonely.

People who disagree with society...

...and keep to themselves usually feel lonely. It is up to you to decide whether you want to remain lonely. If and when you realize that it is not worthwhile to disagree with society and remain lonely then you have to perform sociable actions and thus find your way back to society.

The actions are very simple to perform.

The easiest one is to smile when you don't feel free to comment on what you see others doing. Quite often that causes others to open up to you and start a conversation with you.

Another social action is to be outside your residence as much as you can.

You could be at a mall, a book store, an event or at a meeting of a club you belong to. Search your newspaper and your surroundings for clubs and religious organizations you could join. Religious organizations, quite often, open you up to volunteer opportunities. In fact, you are likely to be overwhelmed with requests to volunteer.

You can also find clubs, organizations and volunteer opportunities on your own without the help of religious organizations.

Choose organizations or clubs related to your interests. Participating in a club about a subject that you are passionate about, or can get passionate about, is a well known path out of loneliness.

While all of the above suggestions...

...may appear to be impractical for you, you can find social activities to perform if you put your mind to it. There is one truth about overcoming loneliness and it is that activities lead to an exit from loneliness.

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