Is Singles Dating Easy On Singles? Not Too Old Fashioned To Try It, Are You?

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Singles dating online started in the mid 1990's with, which is still the best of the dating sites for connecting with online singles. This will be read by people who were conceived by couples who met as a result of online dating. At the same time there are thousands of people who are afraid to try dating singles online even though they desperately need to find an intimate relationship. That is because there are still people who are uncomfortable with the technology and afraid of dealing with strangers online.

I know it is easier to put the responsibility on the...

...shadchan, friend or relative but those options are not necessarily available these days or they are too expensive. You don't have to go in for singles dating online if you are a single mom and you don't want to.


You can still try other methods of connecting with people, such as taking a class at community college, a line dancing class, a ballroom dancing class, volunteering in a political campaign, joining a chess club or bridge club or even using a dating service or personals advertisements. These, in-person methods are local methods and they are different from dating free online.

This is true for men seeking women and women seeking men: Jumping into singles dating online increases your reach planet wide and increases the chances that you will end up in a good intimate relationship.

If you want to learn more about the details of singles dating online, go to, which is a blog about it. The blog will clue you in about what not to do when you are single and dating online.

Whether you end up in a good...

...intimate relationship or not, depends upon you. Getting and keeping a good intimate relationship has always and will always depend on your own judgement, intelligence and smarts.

Singles dating online is worth trying but with your eyes, ears, mind, smarts all on the alert.

You will need to be on the lookout for scammers - don't ever send any potential date or date any money. You will need to be on the lookout for liars. You will need to learn how to research the background of people online. Go to to learn about background checks and then go to google and search for the words 'background check'.

Then look into all those sites that will help you do a background check on a person. It is all part of getting comfortable with the technology of single dating online.

One of the online dating sites... might want to try is When you are at the home page of this site, at the top part of the page are 41 buttons. Click on the button with the words, Scam Warning and read the information on the web page that comes up.

Then click on each of the seven buttons that are on the left of the webpage and read that information. Those web pages will give you most of the information about how to safely date online. Then explore the website by clicking on the buttons at the top. Or you can click on

Once you have gotten well informed about it, close the website and go to again and get started by clicking on the Join Now button.

Do your best to be registered with only one or two singles dating sites at a time. Once you have become comfortable with single dating online, there are several nuances to doing it. For starters you can go to and compare the online dating sites.

If you are asking, "How can I meet other lonely single seniors?", type that question into and explore the results. The site at the number one position in the search results is

You can use... to help you find dating sites that specialize in helping people make connections with online singles who are Christians, Catholics, Jews, Seventh Day Adventists, Ex-Mormons, members of the armed forces i.e. military singles, single parents, Latin women or men, Italian women or men, Scottish women or men, Asian women or men, hearing impaired people, people with other disabilities and so on.

Just search in using a sentence similar to "How can I meet other lonely single seniors?"

You could also...

...go to The difference with that website is that you can compare and simultaneously search many different dating sites.

There has been an improvement introduced in online dating by SinglesAroundMe. The website provides an app for your iphone or ipad that allows you to identify which members of SinglesAroundMe are within your vicinity.

If you are going to be in another city, you can punch in the name of the city and find out which members of SinglesAroundMe are going to be in your vicinity when you get there.

There are many free and single people whose lives have been greatly improved because they decided to embrace the new technology while keeping their wits about them. Single men can subscribe to programs such as Double Your Dating a program which guides them about finding, approaching and dating women.

Bonus Solution:

Do the things you enjoy doing. You are likely to meet the people that enjoy doing the same things.

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