Single Mom Dating - Easy For Whom?

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A Single Mom dating is like a team looking for a team to mesh with. The number of people involved can be a lot more than two.

While only one member of each team is going to get into an intimate relationship, all the other members have to get along with each other.

Single moms feel lonely. They are emotionally very busy. They are short of time, short of energy, short of almost everything needed to go mate hunting.


Yet there are millions of single moms dating who find a mate and get into an intimate relationship again.

They seem to do it by using their instincts to protect themselves and the well being of their children. Besides using instincts, the thing to do seems to be set a goal, examine the obstructions, intelligently overcome the obstacles and be joyful.

First find the time to... by yourself so you can sit back and relax. To set a goal, sit back, relax, and imagine your perfect mate. As you imagine your perfect mate, write down all your requirements.

After your relaxed imagination phase is over, go over what you have written and summarize it so it fits on a three by five card. Add a date by which you want to meet your perfect mate. Don't worry about how you are going to meet your perfect mate. According to this method, arranging the meeting is not your job. Put the card away in a special place so you can find it again easily.

Whenever you have time... be by yourself or are feeling lonesome, take out your card and read it. Make any improvements or adjustments to your requirements and put it away again.

If the date on the card passes... the card again, make sure you agree with the requirements, replace the date with a date in the near future and put the card back in its safe place.

Between the subsequent readings...

...of your card, examine the obstacles and methodically remove the obstacles without worrying about how the meeting is going to take place. Men make efforts to find and meet women. Some of them subscribe to programs such as DoubleYourDating which guide them about finding, approaching and dating women.  Be in the state of mind that will allow you to recognize your ideal mate when he shows up and say yes to all activities your instincts deem to be safe for you.

For a single mom dating...

...writing down your goal and putting a date on it seems to set certain things in the Universe in motion. I don't quite understand how or why it works, but it certainly does work.

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