Single And Lonely - Is It Always True For You?

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Single and lonely – it is true for so many people. There were 103 million single Americans over the age of 18 in 2012, according to the U.S. Census facts. 53.6% of those were women and 46.4% were men.The statistics worldwide are far more difficult to identify.

The information gets more complex when you want to know the figures separated by age and location. Thankfully the simplified answer is available as a map at even though the map uses updated figures from 2013.

The information on this page is viewed very differently depending on whether you are a lonely single female or a lonely single male. However, the activities presented here can be equally useful to either gender.

Facts and figures are not much help to a person who is single and lonely. Is it natural for singles to feel lonely? Soon after achieving adulthood the next natural thing in the normal course of events is to find a mate. If you don't find a mate you feel lonely.

The question is what to do to go from being lonely to not lonely, whether you are seeking friendship, companionship or intimacy.

First steps

Check your mind and body to see if there is something that keeps you single. Is it your thought process that is keeping you single or is it your physical self?


You would be surprised to find out how much improvement you can achieve in both. All it takes is consistent effort until you achieve your goal. Get yourself in 'show' condition.

If your living quarters are not up to par, do get them in neat and clean condition and learn to maintain your abode that way on a continual basis. Many lonely singles have unknowingly turned away potential mates because of messy accommodations.

A Five prong approach


Study something at an institution, whether it is at a community college, an extension of a major university, home improvement classes at a hardware store, dance classes, classes at a local hobby store or any other classes you feel like attending.

Attending classes is one of the easiest ways to make yourself socially available. You are quite likely to encounter single and lonely people at such classes. However, it is not easy to identify them.


Please get off the computer! Ensure you spend eighty percent of your free time offline. Being online is so easy and it helps you use up the empty hours but its effect is insidious and negative.

There are good reasons to spend time on the computer and internet but you have twenty percent of your free time for that.


Give parties. Now that your living quarters are in great condition all you need is a minor reason to throw a party. A party to watch an eagerly anticipated game, for New Year's Eve, Valentine's Day, St. Patricks Day, or a party related to your hobby.

There is no shortage of excuses to throw a party. Give enough parties and you will receive invitations to attend some! Perhaps you have heard of romances that started at a party.


Modern technology offers you the option of trying internet dating. Go to the Internet Dating page to find out about four easy steps to trying internet dating. Internet dating is being used by many singles and it has become an accepted method to find one's mate.


Get therapy. If you were not able to get your mind in great shape and you find that all your efforts to overcome your loneliness are failing, go in for some therapy. It has become far more acceptable to do so. If there are some internal reasons preventing you from making friends or forming relationships, therapy would be a step in the right direction.

In conclusion, ...

...get your mind and body in shape and take the steps to take you from loneliness to friendship, companionship or intimacy.

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