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Hello, my name is Shawn and I am a lonely person. I have been a lonely person for most of my life, but have noticed that my withdraw deepened after my mother had passed when I was 21. I drank a lot and the people that I thought were friends, I mean lifelong friends, since grammar school, I guess they could not identify with my loss and decided to leave me behind in their lives. I knew that I was crying out for help then and I final made it through the hard times on my own and with a lot of lectures. 

I isolated myself fairly well. I am a decent looking guy, been told many times and have been pick up on a lot, but I still have not let anyone close to me in over 11 years. Let me put it this way, 3 dates in 11 years. No drive for 11 years. Then, all of a sudden, last fall I try to break free of this cycle and get out there, face this loneliness. All it has brought me are anxiety and depression. At least when I was lonely I did not have to feel like that.
I served in the military for ten years. In combat arms units and other high speed units. I did not have this problem interacting with other soldiers and people then, this has only started since I decided not to be lonely. I mean it is weird; it strikes when it wants to.

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You have already taken the first steps to overcoming loneliness. Sometimes, a willing to take action to overcome the problem is all that is needed. In the early stages, actions taken to overcome loneliness can result in hurt feelings. The key is to keep taking the actions until you achieve close friendship with about four people. Reach out to people you have known in the past or participate in volunteer services and acquire new friends. 

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