Senior Friendship - How To Find It?

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Senior friendship is a fuller concept of friendship. It includes lots of activities encompassing eating out, line dancing, learning, entertainment, healthcare, health promotion, quality of life and discussions about healthcare and many other

Seniors count on meeting others and making friends while participating in all these activities. Since seniors understand the concept of volunteering, it is a big part of senior friendship.

Three ways to find and enjoy senior friendship:

1. Search for the term 'YourCityname Senior Center' in search engines, like Google or Ask, and you will get the Senior Centers for your city in the search results. If you are in an average sized city, there are likely to be multiple senior centers and you may be free to join any one of them. Some of them have membership dues of of only seven to ten dollars a year.

Many of the senior centers serve lunch and dinner for a tiny donation like a dollar to three dollars.

Sometimes the senior center near your neighborhood does not provide the services and activities you need. In that case it might be a good idea to move, if you can, nearer to the senior center you like. In the later years of life, moving can be a traumatic experience. At the same time being close to a senior center which provides you a lot of activities and opportunities to make friends can be a blessing which leads to a lot of friends. If you can join a senior center without moving that might work better for you.

Some seniors go early to the senior center to play cards and socialize before lunch. A few senior centers have card games after lunch, and some have card games before and after lunch. Many senior centers also provide transportation to home bound seniors.

The advantages of being a member of a senior center can cross over into help with safety and health issues. After all, a person with lots of friends would have lots of help with those issues.

Keeping well informed about the senior centers in your area is an excellent way to get involved and acquire a lot of friends. Senior centers tend to initiate many different activities. Volunteering to participate in the operation of the senior center itself is an excellent idea.

2. The Institute On Aging provides a national Friendship line for folks who are over 60 years of age: 800.971.0016.

Isn't that cool? They provide a phone just for friendship! You can call if you are simply feeling lonely. You can make or receive daily calls depending on your needs.

When you call them you may be able to get information about a phone that is local to you! Then you can call either the national friendship line or the local line!

3. You can also find friends online. One website that will let you find senior friends online whether you want a sports partner, a friend, a date or a pen pal is New Senior Friends For You.

If you are not housebound, it is highly recommended that you spend only twenty percent of your free time online or on the phone and the rest of your free time at offline activities.

So, you can find senior friendship at a senior center, or via the 800 phone number or online.

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