Senior Friends Are Easy To Find If You Know How!

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New senior friends are what a senior needs. Life puts seniors into circumstances where they need to make new friends. We seniors are all familiar with what those circumstances are. Instead of talking about that, let us just nod knowingly at each other and focus on what we need to do make friends.

Let us go over the mental and physical abilities we need and then we will talk about the actions we will take.


A smile is the first item of ability and it is mental and physical.


A smile that is only physical is easy to recognize and not liked. To make senior friends you need lots of genuine smiles, those that start in your mind, travel through your body and light up your face.

Why are smiles being mentioned first? It is because smiles are 'subtle abilities' and the friendships they produce are hard to visualize when you are just starting out.

Smiles are like honey left in the open. Does honey attract visitors? Yes, but how does it do that?

Friendly Attitude

Recently I was talking to a family member who is about my father's age. He has many friends and I asked him how that happened. His reply was very short and it got my attention quickly. He said, "It all depends on what's inside you." Whoa! Is
that succinct or what?

A friendly attitude is what your smile is promising the person who sees your smile. Deliver on that promise! Without saying a word, your smile is saying to the other person, "I would like to meet you! I offer you friendship, laughter, company and good times." If you speak the same words to the other person, it doesn't work.

Your smile will automatically convey the words, if you have that friendly attitude inside of you. This ability is, of course, completely mental.

You can tell when people around you are wondering why you re smiling. It is a good idea to explain your smile. That helps you start talking to people!

Use Of Internet

This ability is also mental and physical. The physical part is easy - you just need a newer model computer with an internet connection. The mental part, I will show you some of it and also you show you how to find the rest.

To start off using the internet, just learn this fact: You can type in your questions in plain English in or Then look through the search results until you get the information about activities in which you can participate.

For example, I typed the following question into the Google search bar: How can seniors find friends? The search result that attracted my attention was for this website: I typed in my zip code in that site's search bar and I found out about a group that meets just one mile from my house! If I had not used the internet I may have remained unaware of this group for a very long time.

Another group, nine miles near me is 55+ New Friends Social Group and they accept members up to the age of 105! Am I set for senior friends or what? However, I needed to use my third tool - the internet!


This ability is purely mental. Use your instincts to keep yourself safe. Accept only those invitations that YOU want to  accept. Take only those steps that YOU want to take.

Action Steps

So with your smile, friendly attitude, internet and instincts you are ready to make some new senior friends.

Church Or Other Religious Institution

Church is mentioned first for a reason. Everything you have done so far, you have done by yourself. Making new friends is an in-person, off line activity. So you need to get yourself into a church or religious institution, very soon after you decide to acquire new senior friends.

You need to start your in-person activities as soon as you can. If your church does not have enough activities you can volunteer for, I would suggest searching for a church that takes care of your spiritual needs and provides you with plenty of opportunities for volunteer work.

I have known three gentlemen that were widowed in the past five years. All tree of them found happy companionship and marriage simply because they continued to volunteer at church and go to after-church dinners.

Senior Centers

The other places where you can make friends are senior centers. Please don't feel restricted to just one senior center but try as many as you can. You don't have to pay dues until you have found one where you can make some senior friends. Drive or ride a little and make friends a lot!


Volunteering is known to be the best method of overcoming loneliness. One sure way of making friends is to give, give freely as much as you can and with a friendly attitude. Give of your time and good nature.

Volunteering, like smiles, is like honey, we know it attracts friends but we don't know how. You can arrive in a new city, search out museums, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, theater companies, opera houses, international houses, whatever aligns with your interests and volunteer. Pretty soon you will make friends and slowly you will become part of that city's "community."

Mall Walkers

Try checking the customer service desk at your local malls to see if they have mall walker groups. If they do, you can sign up or show up and join the kind of mall walking group you like.

Or join more than one group. If they don't have a mall walking group, ask them if they will help you start one. We seniors know we have to be the change we want in our lives.

I have pointed out four methods seniors use to make new friends. However, what I want to leave you with is this: As seniors we have to make acquiring new friends a habit.

The action steps are limited only by our resourcefulness. The four methods
mentioned are only a sample of the different ways of acquiring friends. I am inviting you to use the internet to find new avenues where you can go and practice your friend-making skills. Make it fun and do it!

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