Senior Chat Rooms - Are They Fun?

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Senior chat rooms that are among the best for seniors are the AARP chat rooms. All you need is a membership in AARP.

Once you are logged in to your AARP account, search for the term 'chat room', click on the first search result: Connect With Like-Minded Folks Online, then click on AARP Welcome - Newcomers Group (which is under Featured Discussions), then click on Join this Group. Then you can start chatting with other AARP members and have fun. The chat rooms at AARP are automatically senior chat rooms.

Another option is... sign up for a membership at Gardening may not be your interest. However, finding normal people to chat with can be difficult at other sites but easy at davesgarden .

Find a way to get even moderately interested in gardening and you can have a great time chatting with the gardeners at this website. They have 230 forums! The members of davesgarden are not chatting for the purpose of finding a mate.

Also, if you are a member of AOL you can...

...use the chat rooms you have available there. You can even start your own chat room on AOL and wait and see if anyone will come to chat with you.

Not only are senior chat rooms fun, we seniors are fun as you can see when you play this video:

As a senior you can have a good time chatting as a guest...

...on . However you will need to go through an acclimatization process:

1. Decide on a display name you are going to use every time you chat at this site.

2. Next go to Senior-Chatroom and wait until you see a message from Adobe Flash Player. Click on No as a response to that message.

Wait a few seconds.

3. Then fill in your display name, make sure there is a check mark in the box for Login as guest and then click on Login.

4. Then select the Slow And Steady chat room twice and you will be in the chat room.


5. If your computer has a camera, other people in the chat room will be able to see and hear you.

6. On the left hand side of the chat window you will see a window with your own display name. If you hover your mouse on the bottom right of the window that shows your display name, you will see two icons - one for your camera and one for your audio.

7. Clicking on those icons will control whether your camera and audio are on or off.

8. Follow this procedure and get into the chat room at the same time every day for a few weeks. Try not to participate in the chat unless there is a natural opening for you to comment about something another chatter has said.

9. Become a regular and study the people in the chat room. You will get to know the trolls (provokers), the people who misbehave and even come across some perverted people.

10. Do your best to avoid responding to the trolls and the misbehavers.

11. The way to avoid encountering perverts is to never engage in video chat. As soon as you are in a chat room, click on your camera icon and your audio icon and turn both of them off.

12. If you get out of one chat room and enter another chat room at this site you will need to turn your camera and audio off again.

13. If you avoid the perverts by keeping your camera and audio off, then you can perhaps find companionship at this site.

If you find that you enjoy chatting at this site then register and become a member and have fun chatting. The answer to the question, "Senior chat rooms - are they fun?" is "Yes!"

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