Self Improvement Tips - Is It Worth Following Them? For Anyone?

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Self improvement tips do not work unless they are specifically for achieving the improvement you wish to achieve. They are too numerous, general in nature and you would have to search a lot to find the tips that are useful for you.

Self improvement advice, also...

...does not help. Self improvement advice has the same problems. The amount of self improvement advice available is enormous. If you are able to efficiently search out the advice that will help you achieve the self improvement you wish to achieve, you are welcome to find it and use it.


Self improvement is a do-it-yourself deal.

You start with generating motivation. How to do that is shown on the Self Improvement And Motivation page.

Then you decide on the self improvement goals you wish to achieve and thus create your self improvement program.

Motivate yourself and use your motivation to work on your self improvement program. Unless you generate new motivation every day, you may find it difficult to achieve your self improvement goals.

Come up with self improvement ideas  yourself, to achieve your goals. If that fails several times, it may be worth the effort to start searching the internet for ideas to achieve a particular self improvement.

Keep track of the new techniques that are...

...successful for you and create a toolkit of successful techniques.

When you are faced with a roadblock, look in your list of techniques and see if one of those techniques will get you past the roadblock. If not then see if you can come up with a new technique.


...generate motivation every day and achieve all the goals in your program, one by one. To achieve your goals, come up with your own motivation, advice, techniques and ideas.

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