Self Improvement Techniques - Are They Helpful To Anybody?

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Self improvement techniques are few in number but they are very useful.

1. Learn the habit of...

...acquiring new habits. To acquire a new habit, just do something for twenty nine days in a row. If you consciously set out to learn the habit of learning new habits, it is an easy thing to learn.

2. One way to get your...

...mind in a state to generate ideas is to meditate first. An easy way to meditate is to extend your dominant hand in front of you.


Then join your thumb, forefinger and middle finger and point all three to your solar plexus which is just below your sternum. Focus all your mental attention on your solar plexus for two minutes. Then continue to focus all your mental attention on your solar plexus for the length of time you can meditate. Count backwards from five to zero to come out of your meditation.

The above information will get you started on learning the techniques of meditation. Then you can research further and perhaps find other meditation techniques.

In Self Improvement Advice I suggest that you use your own mind to come up with methods to achieve your self improvement. 

Meditation will calm your mind and you will be in a much better state to work on the problems you want to solve.

3. Try to solve the problem just before... go to sleep. You are very likely to wake up with a solution in your mind. Quite often ideas will pop into your mind while showering or relaxing the next morning.

4. Write a problem on a...

...three by five card. Then write a big check mark over what you have written. At the bottom right of the card write P.T.O. which stands for Please Turn Over.

On the other side of the card write down what your state of mind will be when the problem is solved and write down that the problem has been solved. Put the card in a place where you can easily find it.

Then put the matter completely out of your conscious mind for a couple of weeks. Soon, the solution will pop into your mind.

5. Make a habit of searching...

...on the internet for self improvement techniques. When you find techniques, examine them closely to see if they will work for you. If not, discard them. If you think the techniques will work for you, add them to your collection of techniques and use them to improve yourself out of loneliness.

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