Self Improvements - Which Are Worth Your Effort?

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Which self improvements would increase the chances of a lonely person finding a mate?

There are many that would do so. I am talking about the important self improvements beyond the obvious improvements in a person's body and appearance.

One of the best self improvements: The Art Of Listening

1. Learn the art of listening. That should get you friends and lead you to a relationship. The art of listening, even though simple to learn, is rare among people. Most of us are so anxious to be heard that we find it hard to pay attention when a person is talking to us. Also, most of us don't like to be told to do things and that dislike may come into play when we are having a conversation.

Communications Skills

2. Communication skills are so important that there are graduate level courses about the art of communication. The college level courses examine all forms of communication, but we are just interested in interpersonal communication.

A good test of interpersonal communication would be to check and see how many people smile when you communicate with them. When a majority of people smile when you communicate with them, you open up a whole new world for yourself.


3. Improving your confidence in yourself to such an extent that it shows in your demeanor. Confidence is an aspect that attracts people to you.

Achieving a confidence in yourself so that it shows in your demeanor is not something that can be faked, because people can see through faked confidence and it makes you look comical. One way is to be confident in what you do.


4. Dependability comes when you do what you say you are going to do. The way to do that is to have confidence in your stated plans. If you don't have such confidence, don't make any statements about what you plan to do.

Sense Of Humor

5. A sense of humor is hard to learn. However, if you go to joke sites regularly, you will find out which kind of jokes appeal to you. You can try the Daily Jokes website. 

Go the website regularly but don't try to remember any jokes. Wait until events remind you of the jokes. With lots of visits to joke sites, you will find that you remember jokes when certain events trigger the memory.

Sense of Romance

6. A sense of romance is uncommon among men and very common among women. When a man develops a sense of romance, it is greatly appreciated by women.

Men start out equating romance with sex and women start out equating romance with love and tenderness. The people who can bridge that gap can develop a sense of romance.


7. Figure out how to convey sex appeal without saying anything sexual.

This is the most difficult self improvement to achieve. Exercise to achieve great health, a good effort to achieve good personal grooming and confidence will contribute to it.

Exuding sex appeal can solve the problem of loneliness all by itself. You would then simply have to choose amongst the people you attract.

If you drop the use of words, sex appeal can be conveyed successfully. At the very least, it conveys a sense of mystery about you.

Kindness and Compassion

8. Being cold hearted and inconsiderate of the feelings of others is not likely to make you any friends. It is also likely to cause you to lose friends and become lonely.


9. Generosity is an aspect of the personality that is appreciated a lot. If you are not generous in spirit it is likely to work against you.


10. Good personal hygiene and dressing well. Even though these are considered to be a prerequisite, good personal hygiene and dressing well are mentioned again because of their importance.

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