Self Improvement Quotes - Are They Worth Reading?

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Reading self improvement quotes is an activity where the returns are quite low compared to the input of time. If you have the time to read hundreds of quotes about self improvement, you are likely to find only a few that will spur you into action.

One thing I have learned by reading such quotes is that they are only the starting point of a process.

Once some self improvement quotes...

...inspire you enough to take action, it would be a good idea to form a plan of action. If you don't form a plan of action, it is very likely that you will take a few steps to improve and then give up.

After that, you may not return to reading such quotes again for a while.

After you have formed a plan of...

...action, it is time to act and put the plan into action. The action steps need to continue until your self improvement has been achieved.

Sometimes you form a plan, work your plan and fail to achieve the self improvement. Does that mean your self improvement efforts stop and you go back to just reading such quotes? Hopefully you will not fall into that trap.

The action steps need to continue after you have tried to achieve an improvement and failed.

Then it is time to form a plan for...

...the next self improvement you wish to achieve, without having to go to the self improvement quotes, if possible. If you cannot motivate yourself to form a plan for your next self improvement, then I guess you will need to read some more of such quotes until one of them spurs you into action again. You can try reading quotes at this website of quotes.

A single improvement is rarely...

...enough to get you to your ultimate goal of achieving an active social life. Daily activity toward self improvement is very likely to get very good results beyond your expectations.

Some people achieve their goals by...

...making believe they already have the desired qualities and they do it so often that they change internally and find they have achieved the self improvement. It's faking it until you make it. This method requires persistence and a strong desire to achieve that self improvement.

Even though...

...some people decide to go in for life coaching, and it works for some, you are the best coach you will have and you are also the athlete. Finding the motivation, planning the action, and acting on the plan should get you get good results.

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