A Self Improvement Program - Is Anything Worth Following?

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A Self Improvement Program is the best way to improve one's self. Once you have decided that you are going to go in for self improvement, the best thing to do is to lay out a program.

Instead of saying you are...

...going to improve one aspect of your personality, think of the aspects of your personality, which when improved, are likely to result in your becoming un-lonely. Set a goal of achieving that improvement and a date by which you want to achieve it.

Similarly, set...

...goals and goal achievement dates for each of the improvements you desire to achieve. All your goals and goal achievement dates form your Self Improvement Program.

Once you have...

...a program written out, when you fall off the program, you can look at your program and start again toward your goal. If you don't have a program, the first time you slip up is likely to be the last time and you may abandon your self improvement goals.


You may need to move the dates forward as you work with each goal.

Select the self improvement you wish to achieve first. Figure out the method you are going to use to achieve the self improvement by the goal achievement date.

Once you have the method figured out, get started.

If you fail to achieve the self improvement by the goal achievement date, sit down and figure out a different method to achieve the same self improvement by a different date.

If you fail again, try to come up with yet another method of achieving the same improvement by yet another date.

Keep trying to figure out methods to achieve the self improvement you desire. Only when you get stuck and cannot figure out a different method to achieve the self improvement, only then is it worthwhile to search the internet for some method to achieve your self improvement.

Once you have achieved one...

...self improvement, move on to your next goal. As you can see, stubbornness seems to be a good quality for a person who desires to achieve some self improvement.

Acquiring the habit of acquiring new habits is useful. Just doing something every day for 29 days is usually enough to get into the habit of doing it every day from then onwards.

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