Self Improvement Ideas - Are They Worth Searching For?

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Self Improvement ideas are plentiful. The question is which ideas are you going to put into action to achieve self improvement so you can overcome loneliness?

According to the Self Improvement Advice page presented at this website, self improvement advice does not work until certain conditions are present. You only search for such ideas after you have come up with several of your own ideas, used them and failed to achieve the improvement you desire.

Here I present two aspects of acquiring self improvement ideas: how to come up with the ideas yourself and how to find them.

How to come up with ideas:

1. Realize that you are creative. Have you ever been a person tackle a job and thought up a better way of doing it? If so, you are creative


2. Define your goal - a method to achieve the self improvement you desire.

3. See yourself having achieved your goal.

4. Try to to visualize yourself doing the thing you did just before achieving your goal. Write that item down.

5. Then try to visualize yourself doing the thing you did just before what you visualized in step 4. Write that item down.

6. Work your way backward, using steps 4 and 5, until you arrive at the present.

7. Look at the list of steps you wrote down. That will be your action plan for achieving your goal (a method to achieve the self improvement you desire.)

How to find ideas:

When you have checked the conditions that must be present for Self Improvement Advice to work, and all your ideas have failed, then it is time to search for ideas.

The process for finding such ideas is simple but it can be very time consuming and it requires you to examine and discard many ideas. It is a simple process because all you have to do is search in Google for the term "ideas for being more sociable" where 'being more sociable' is the self improvement you are trying to achieve.

Generally, the ideas that work the best are the ideas that you come up with, for yourself. If you are able to search for ideas and successfully adopt them and achieve self improvement, that is wonderful.

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