Self Improvement Articles - Are They Of Any Use For Anyone?

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Self improvement articles are, by necessity, only for scanning.

In Self Improvement Program I presented the idea of coming up with your own methods of achieving  your goals of self improvement so you can overcome your loneliness. You do this repeatedly until you get stuck and cannot come up with any more methods on your own.

Then you begin searching...

...the internet for methods to achieve the goal you are working towards.

The articles you find do not fall into the category of unsolicited advice, because after all you decided to read them. Their value only lies in providing ideas you may not think of on your own. So, scanning them just to find new ideas is worthwhile.

One neat thing... work on is to to create a self improvement article yourself.

You can try to create the article before you have reached your goal because doing so will fully engage you in finding the methods that work for you.

After you have achieved your goal, it would be easy to document the methods you tried and the method that finally got you to your goal. You can do this for each goal you achieve.


To make it powerful submit your article to or and have a goal of having a published article. To find other websites that accept article submissions search for "which websites accept articles" in your favorite search engine.

When you create an article for the internet, it causes you to research and also think deeply about the subject. Since you will be writing about matters that you experienced, it will have the ring of originality and experience about it.

The point I am making is...

...that it is much better to rely on your own inner resources rather than reading articles.

Seeking particular articles and scanning them as a secondary resource for your own active search is a good way of using them. On rare occasions, while scanning an article, an idea new to you will jump out at you, grab you and stay with you for good.

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