Self Improvement and Motivation - are they or could they be codependent?

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Self Improvement and Motivation need to trade places. When your motivation comes from within , you are likely to work on self improvement. Your self improvement is likely to motivate you, but that motivation is likely to dissipate as you get used to your new, improved self. Then you need a fresh supply of motivation.

So, your motivation needs to start...

...the ball rolling. In addition, your motivation needs to be like a spring, bubbling up spontaneously all the time. Easier said than done, but do-able nonetheless.

You need your fresh supply of motivation every day even in the face of rejection, inaction and failure of your self improvement efforts. Where are you going to find this daily supply of motivation? From within your mind.

Start a daily journal with...

...two sections on each page of your journal.

On the left side of your journal page write down your current lonely circumstances and why you dislike those circumstances. Also, on the left side, write down any successes you have had in your self improvement efforts.

On the right side write down what self improvement your current lonely circumstances and your successes motivate you to do. Let your discomfort with loneliness and your successes with self improvement both generate your daily motivation.

Now that you know how to generate motivation every day, use your motivation to take the actions for self improvement.

Self Improvement And Motivation

Are like water and growth.


A human being can be

In a fertile environment

And yet never grow.

When a human being

Discovers how to reach the water

Of motivation

Every day

Then self improvement can happen

Every day.

Motivation for self improvement

Is like steam for an engine.

Without it

The steam engine is boring

For it is not doing what it was built for.

Does a person have to go through all this effort...

...just to achieve some self improvement? If it is self improvement you desire, yes. You could decide that you can try to overcome loneliness without improving yourself.

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