Self Improvement Advice - Is It Of Any Help To Overcome Loneliness?

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Self improvement advice does not help. The urge to improve yourself has to come from within you. What others say to you is unsolicited advice, which as we know is not worth any thing.

When you search out advice...

...on the internet, it is not unsolicited advice any more. Even then, you may read the information but not apply it. The reason is that each individual's needs for self-improvement are so unique that general advice is not very useful.

Self improvement advice is useful under certain conditions:

The conditions are found when you have come to an agreement with yourself that:


1. there are aspects of yourself that need improvement so you can overcome your loneliness.

Any amount of advice will be useless unless YOU decide that you need to improve.

2. you are actually going to go through the whole process and actually going to improve those aspects of yourself.

Even after you agree that you need improvement, you have to overcome inertia to get started and take the process to completion.

3. you are going to come up with your own methods of achieving those improvements.

Once you have overcome your inertia you can start the process but the first order of business is finding your own methods.

4. if your own methods fail to achieve those improvements, you are going to try several times to come up with alternate methods to improve yourself.

Overcoming the failures is called taking the process to completion.

5. if all your efforts to improve yourself have failed, you are going to engage in an active search on the internet, or in books, for suggestions (advice) about methods to achieve improvement in that particular aspect of your personality.

You will be searching for something very specific - a method to achieve that which you have not been able to achieve using your own methods.

7. you are not going to be distracted by the enormous amount of  advice that is available about all different aspects of a person's personality.

In the process of searching, avoiding distractions is going to keep you focused until you have achieved your goal: found the method that will let you achieve the self improvement you set out to achieve.

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