Can Self Improvement Help Solve Your Loneliness?

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How can self improvement help a person overcome loneliness? Well, if you are lonely because of the way you are, then one way out is to improve.

When a person tries to make changes in their mate, the effort usually fails. It is extremely rare for a person to change in response to their mate's or ex-mate's wishes. That doesn't mean one cannot change according to one's own desires.

Just because you are lonely due to...

...the way you are, doesn't mean you cannot change your behavior and also improve your physical self. There is no rule that says you cannot change your behavior in one day (if you can manage to do that). If you had a problem which could be fixed by surgery, wouldn't you be trying to get the surgery done?

All I am saying is that you can improve your physical and mental attributes, if you decided to go in for some self growth. You may not want to or it may be uncomfortable to change but what is the alternative? - suffer from loneliness for the rest of your life?

You might want to read some quotes about self improvement. However, read the Self Improvement Quotes page so you can get some benefit from reading such quotes.

There are so many...

... techniques to improve but first you must realize that you have the power to affect change in yourself.


You can make changes according to your own ideas. The changes can be physical or mental or both. Once you have that realization and have the motivation to make changes, there are many websites that will help you achieve your goals. Articles available on the internet have to be used in a certain way.

If you want to see which self improvements are likely to have a better payoff, take a look at the Self Improvements page.

One such... is and it is good for peer to peer support. A very popular site is has a forum about intimacy and relationships. Just remember that advice or a self improvement program only works when your are searching for a specific method and you have made the commitment to improve.

Sometimes a person is at a fork in the road of life.

The decision to be made can affect the person's life for the upcoming fifteen to twenty years and also affect the life of the children in the family. It is at times such as these that the person appreciates having some peer support. These days, getting peer support means going to sites like or sites like

The methods of getting peer support or self growth tips have changed. As soon as a lonely person understands that, the person gets moving to get support for himself or herself and change into a person that has the ability to begin and maintain friendships.

Why Improve?

I have this bod

And one life

Full of strife.

Not enough knowledge

To have an edge

Over the problems.

The emblems

Don't divulge

That I should consult

The tumult

That is the rest of us.

© Ramesh

Bonus solution:

Act to improve yourself. Action begets positive emotion.

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