Sad and Lonely
by Wendy (malta)

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Hey, I am 18 years old and every day I feel sad and lonely. All my friends have boyfriends and girlfriends and I'm practically the only one single. I don't have the motivation or energy to study and I'm at University. Every day I wake up with no scope whatsoever. I'm not looking forward to Christmas or New Year since I know that all others will be with their special someone apart from me. I haven't had any luck with guys. My ex turned out to be gay and even he is with someone! I need some inspiration, some love in order to enjoy life cause I'm feeling this emptiness inside of me that cannot go away! :( Sometimes I feel like crying. I cannot understand why I am the only one not capable of finding a boy that I like and who likes me back. :(

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Sad and Lonely

Lonely University Student
by: Lonely People Champion

Thank you for pointing out this very common form of loneliness. When people go to a university they are, quite often, on their own for the first time in their lives. Their support of friends and family is usually not around them. Many thousands of young people experience loneliness during the first year at the university. Whatever the cause of loneliness, it is usually an unpleasant experience.

In your case, since you are a student at a university, there are so many things you can do to get through loneliness this holiday season. You could take it on as a project until classes start again and research the 'unhappiness' out of loneliness. You could go to the home page of this website and click on the words, "Immediate Help" at the top left of the home page and let the instructions guide you to some fun chatting over the holidays.

There are about twelve days left until the "end" of the "holiday season". See if you could give yourself twelve different www gifts on each of the twelve days. Look for them on the www, you will find them.

Thank you for your important contribution to this list of different kinds of loneliness.

One day you may be in space looking down on this blue earth and thinking about your contribution to the betterment of its residents.

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