A Quick Way To Overcome Loneliness? Is That Possible?

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A quick way to overcome loneliness has been available to lonely people for quite some time. One just has to become aware of the method.

I came across this method while doing internet research on overcoming loneliness. I noticed it while listening to a video. You too can listen to the video by Dr. John T. Cacioppo. Did you notice it as well?


If not, listen to it again and see if you can pick up on the message. The points on the video that triggered my attention were at 1:03 seconds, 1:55 seconds, 5:20 seconds and 6:05 seconds. Listen to it several times if you like.

When you listen to the video you will realize that a quick way to overcome loneliness is to find two to three relatives or former friends with whom you can reconnect and continue a good relationship. This method will not get you into an intimate relationship but it will extract you from loneliness and reconnect you with society.

Once you are reconnected with society and you continue with social activities, the intimate relationship will, quite naturally, follow.

Dr. John T. Cacioppo, a neuroscientist, has done considerable research on the social connection between human beings. He and other scientists have being doing the research for almost twenty years.

If you want to really understand loneliness...

...one of the best things you can do is to get yourself a copy of this book:


Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection


 John T. Cacioppo and William Patrick

 The book is based on research conducted according to rigorous principles of scientific research. Reading it requires patience and concentration but you will be rewarded with an understanding of loneliness which is based on facts derived from scientific research.

So, there is definitely a quick way out...

...of loneliness but you have to have faith in the method and put it into practice. I know there are many people, who for one reason or another, cannot use this method.

For such people I have provided, on the Home page, two paths to follow. Just go to the Home page and click on Start Learning The Techniques or  Start Learning The Tools or follow both the paths at your convenience.

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