Do a Few Poems a Day Keep the Loneliness Away?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

A few poems a day offer the straightest path out of loneliness albeit a narrow, long and easy path. This is how it works: Search in google for the following term - 'how to write poetry?' In the search results you get, these are the two most useful websites:

Write Love Poetry and How To Write Poetry

Be sure you don't get involved in a...

...long drawn out or in-depth study of writing poetry. Just use one afternoon or evening to learn the basics of writing poetry.

Then register as a new member at Once you are logged in as a member, click on Help and then click on Posting Rules. Become familiar with their posting rules so you don't post poetry that gets you banned from their website.

Then write your first poem and... it on the poemhunter website After that, post a new, original poetic creation written by you, for 29 days. Why 29 days? Because it takes that long to get into a habit of writing and posting poetry every day.


Some people, who read your poetic works at the poemhunter website will post comments on them. If nobody posts a comment, keep on posting your verses until you have a few people posting comments on your poetic creations.

When people post comments on your poetry, make sure you friend them. Also, please be sure to send a reply to each comment you receive. Once you have friended a commentator, you will be able to read their latest poetry as the days go by.

Post appropriately positive comments about their lyrical creations. If you cannot say anything positive about their odes, don't post any comments. Posting comments will get you started on making friends.

Make note of how...

...the lines in the following poetic compositions are short and they are double spaced. If you don't want to double space the lines in your poetry at least make sure it contains short paragraphs (stanzas as they are called in poetry.)

In the beginning, there is no point in trying to...

...make your poetry rhyme, unless it comes naturally to you. Just let your words express your emotions, write them down as they occur to you. After you have written about thirty or forty poetic compositions, you can make an effort to make your poetry rhyme. You will find a lot of help with rhyming at these websites:

Free Online Rhyming Dictionary, RhymeBrain, RhymeZone and OneLook

I am including some poetry I have written about loneliness.

Lonely Housewife

There is no strife

Like a lonely wife.

You could earn a bounty

And you need to do your duty.

But your duty to yourself

Is a very close second to your duty

To keep your wife afar from distress.

How can you love and cherish

Your wife sans anguish

If you cause your wife

To be a lonely wife?

(c) Lonely People Champion

Lonely People for Friendship

You would think

Lonely People

Are for friendship.

We are

And we are not.

We want company

And we do not.

Some of us

Only want company on holidays.

Some of us

Only want company

When we want company

And not

At other times.

Lonely people are complex

And so are

All the rest of us!

(c) Lonely People Champion

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