How About A Pinwheel Network Of Lonely People?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Let's form a worldwide network of lonely people by using You are going to need three prerequisites before you can join the network: an email address dedicated to your activities on pinwheel, a photograph of yourself and a photograph of one bunch of red tulips. All three prerequisites are quite important because you will be using each one.

After you have arranged for the prerequisites... will move on to the action steps but first we must talk about safety. All lonely people have to protect themselves from financial, emotional and in-person predators. It would be best for you to do some research on or and find out how to remain safe online and in person.

O.K., On to ACTION:

Post your photograph or a photograph of a bunch of red tulips AND your email address on - why a photo of a single bunch of red tulips?


Well, tulips usually grow in bunches and, to me, they signify the incredible desire to be sociable. I could just ask for a photo of a bunch of tulips, but lonely people worldwide need a symbol that identifies them and red tulips seem to fit the bill. So far tulips have signified "perfect love." Perfect love could solve the loneliness of many lonely hearts and so it seems to be a good symbol for lonely people to adopt.

If you do not provide your email address along with...

...your photograph no one will be able to reach out and email you to help you out of your loneliness. Besides, you will only be frustrating yourself and irritating those that would like to help you.

The best way to do it is... provide your photo and email address on your first post and then a photo of a bunch of red tulips and your email on your subsequent posts or mix and match as you like as long as you remember to include your email address in each post.

As a reminder about safety, don't...

...put your real name and private information in your posts. When you decide to meet someone, meet the person in a busy public place on a busy afternoon or evening. Never send anyone any amount of money.

I do my best to provide a poem whenever possible:

Color, light and motion
Just right to delight a child's heart.
Most of us have experienced it,
A Pinwheel !

Our first evidence in the physical world
of the existence
of that which we could not see.
Even though, at that young age,
We were aware
Of the spiritual presence

Now that we are adults,
Hurt and lonesome,
All that is needed
Is some action
To gain some traction
Out of this painful situation .

Suggestion for Action :

Get yourself an email address, your photograph, a photo of a single bunch of red tulips, apply to join that wonderful website and start posting !

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