Are you Permanently Lonely?

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You are Permanently Lonely if you decide that is your condition.

It is the condition of those...

...folks who have accepted that they are not going to be able to overcome their loneliness. That realization might come from one or more of several reasons: they have become set in their ways, trying to overcome their loneliness is going to cause them to lose face, getting out of loneliness is too much trouble for them, they are terminally ill and short of time, and several other possible reasons.

Permanently lonely people are like persons in a hospice...

...they know that loneliness is surely and eventually going to be the cause of their end and all they want to do is to enjoy whatever days they have left. Unfortunately there are no hospices for lonely people.

The current society is not going to provide a hospice for them. All they can do is understand their position and condition and behave as if they are in a hospice with themselves at the caregiver and the doctor.

Here is what a permanently lonely person can do:

Imagine you are a tourist on this planet. Observe and enjoy the physical beauty of the planet.


Observe the idiocy and emotional sweetness of the human culture. Write a journal of your observations as a visitor to this planet.

Do what you feel like doing and ignore convention while steering clear of actions that will get you into trouble and deepen your loneliness. Take actions to increase your enjoyment of life. Have as much fun as you can.

If you choose, you may take actions to relieve the loneliness of other people. You may be pleasantly surprised at the positive consequences of doing so.

Take a three by five inch card and write in very small print the following:

Your fondest desires for your circumstances, including your ideas about miracles that will end your loneliness or any other miracles you desire. Put the card in a safe place where you can find it easily and then forget about the card.

By writing your desires on a card you are asking for miracles. Asking is your job. Answering your request is not your job. It is also not up to you to wonder or figure out how your request is going to be fulfilled. Just ask, in writing and go back to having fun.

We all behave in direct relationship to... we were treated from the ages of zero to 6 years. Loneliness is a result of how we behave after the age of six and how society behaves.

In the recent past of human history loneliness was not a problem in human society but there were other problems. Problems created for them by their societies were much worse: wars, religious beliefs, myths, fires, etc.

Permanent loneliness is a problem that is far less...

...physically violent. However, the emotional violence of loneliness is high. As long as permanently lonely people understand the nature, causes and effects of permanent loneliness, they can find some measure of peace and enjoy the rest of their days.

Some people put their terminal cancer into remission by using the power of their minds and their thoughts. Similarly, people who are terminally lonely can put their loneliness into remission simply by the thoughts they think. Or simply ignore the loneliness and focus on getting as much fun out of life as possible.

Bonus Solution:

Recognize that your loneliness is permanent because you have decided that it is so. Focus on having fun and on ignoring your loneliness.

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