Only The Lonely Can Overcome Their Transparent Affliction. What Do You Think?

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Only the lonely understand their affliction is transparent. Social connection is like the air we breathe. Air is transparent, every one knows about air and hardly anyone talks about it. For the lonely, the social connection is extremely thin, it is barely there. It is very easy to go from a 'barely there' social connection to a healthy social connection – all they have to do is “breathe” differently.

How to “breathe differently” is described here:


Realize that the natural tendency of human beings is to think negatively. That tendency is accentuated by loneliness. Fight that tendency, think positively and make that subtle change to overcome your loneliness.

A preference for comfort is also quite common. That can lead to inaction and avoidance of social contact which can lead to loneliness. So pick up a bias for action and move toward social contact.

Lonely people can fear social contact because of having been physically or psychologically injured by others in the past. Realize that the future has a high potential for being different from the past.

If you keep having hurtful social experiences it may be time to do some introspective thinking.

Examine your social behavior and check to see if you or your person is offending the people you meet.

If you find you are offending the sensibilities of others, start some self improvement, either in your physical self or your attitude. Many people bristle at the idea that their 'attitude' needs to be improved but if their attitude is one that turns people off then it needs to be 'improved'.

Only the lonely understand that their condition can be the path to oblivion.

The sooner you get off the path using your own energies the easier it will be. The way to getting off the path by overcoming loneliness is to find something outside yourself to get interested in. Volunteering to help others is the easiest path out of loneliness.

However, that is not the only way to overcome loneliness. “Something outside yourself” could be nature, a hobby, a cause, an individual, a career, just about anything. Just be sure you will be happy about your choice when you look back on it in a few years.

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