Online Social Networks Are Very Useful For Making New Friends. Or Are They?

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Online social networks are very useful for making new friends. Are you able to make new friends online?  If not, you may be missing out on a very useful resource.  If you are lonely and not using Facebook, or are lonely, have a Facebook account but don't know how to use it to overcome your loneliness, this is for you.

Perhaps if I described my experience using...

...Facebook as a social network, we can find common ground. I had known about Facebook for many years but I had not wanted to create a Facebook profile. I had security concerns and concerns about loss of privacy. I had been reading news items about such issues for years.


However, I had created a Facebook page for this website. Having created the page I could not figure out how Facebook worked because without a profile I could not do much with my Facebook page.

Finally, I overcame my concerns and created a Facebook profile in 2013. As soon as I had created the profile, I received an update from a person at my church who was surprised I was on Facebook. I responded to that update and befriended that person.

After that things flowed easily. That person recommended several others as friends and before I knew it I had befriended several dozen friends and relatives. I love it! It is so easy to be in touch with everyone and see their photos. Facebook makes it very easy to send out birthday greeting updates which I enjoy very much.

What would a lonely person do if...

...s/he did not get a fast start on Facebook like I did? Here is a neat solution: Go to Google and search for the term “ groups lonely”. You will get several pages of search results showing Facebook pages of groups for lonely people.

Take a look at the latest post on any such Facebook page you open up. If the latest post was less than a few hours ago, add your post in the box that says “Write something to 'Name of Group'”.

I would highly recommend that you post only on the pages of the group that appeals to you and where you think you can make some friends. Also post only on those pages that have at least a hundred likes. That's how you stand a good chance of finding friends within that group.

If you feel you need some mentoring to overcome issues of loneliness caused by your thought process, go to the Another Lonely Christmas page. That page has a link to a web page that provides mentoring via email. Take advantage of the mentoring before you post on the pages of a group on Facebook.

There are other online social networks but according to a Pew Research Center report, most of the people are on Facebook. So it is worthwhile to join the most popular one, at least for starters.

Also, please remember to... patient and put your 'best foot forward' when trying to make friends online.

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