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Can joining online forums help a person overcome and deal with loneliness? It can if you join forums about topics that interest you, topics that you are passionate about. If you find loneliness to be very uncomfortable and and you are passionate about solving the problem, then join However, that doesn't serve the purpose for some lonely people.

When joining a forum like...

... does not help you overcome your loneliness, the thing to do is join free online forums about something that you are interested in.


You will fit naturally in a forum like that, you will make online friends via the forum and you won't be as lonely as before. There are forums about so many different subjects. There are health, exercise, weight loss, games, chat forums. Also there are movie, fan clubs, books, sports, pets, religion, stocks, mobile phone, computer help, language forums. You name it, you can find an online forum for it. If you don't find a forum you can research how to create a website and build an online forum on it. You can click on Create Your Own Website on the left hand side of this page to get started. Start your own forum!

Whatever you do online, you have to do it while considering your safety.

Talking about online safety has been an important part of this website. We might as well consider the fact the lonely people can be the people that online predators prey on. While you may not be subject to the activities of predators while you are at a forum that is not about loneliness, predators are usually very good at sniffing out their prey. You can find good information at That is a very nice page of information at and it goes into detail about what can happen and how to keep yourself self safe. As usual, this and the other web pages only provide information. Keeping your self safe online is completely your responsibility.

Once you know how to...

...participate safely in a forum of your interest, think of the forum as a group of friends who are all interested in something similar to your interest. You can also consider the forum as a 'brain trust'. Of course all the forum participants won't be your 'brain trust' but there will be enough members that come up with good ideas. It would be hard for just one person, i.e. you, to come up with so many good ideas all by yourself. So, you will get companionship plus good ideas.

If you make sure you...

...go to the forum index, read and follow the rules of the forum and in general ensure that you don't irritate the forum members, the friends you make in forums are not going away any time soon! What more could you ask for? Freebees? Sure, you will get those too. Forums are well known for providing information about resources and freebees.

In addition to that, when you are exposed to new ideas, you may find that your response is more ideas of your own. Once that happens, you will be into the full experience of enjoying a forum. Your confidence will increase. The lack of confidence is what contributes to loneliness.

There is something new in the forums world:

I have come across one forum that allows you to put advertisements in your posts. Most of us have a very difficult time promoting our stuff. In this forum, you can continue to follow your interest and along with every post of yours is an ad for something you want to promote. That is so neat! Fortunately, the name of the forum is So you get to spend time in a forum, you may meet a friend and you get to try and sell something too! Some may turn their noses up at the selling part but landlords don't accept good intentions as payments do they? If you are in a position where you don't have to advertise and sell, good for you! You don't HAVE to advertise, just participate and enjoy the other benefits.

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