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Natural-disabilities - if you suffer from shyness, social anxiety or some other natural handicap, including handicaps caused by your natural physical, chemical or hormonal make up, then the natural handicap can contribute to your feelings of emptiness & isolation.

Society, Circumstances, Internal Loneliness and your Natural Disabilities can cause loneliness that is 1) Fleeting, 2) Temporary, 3) Chronic, or 4) Permanent.


The fleeting variety is usually suffered in the younger years. When a young person finds himself or herself alone, he or she usually feels a fleeting sense of emptiness and isolation. Usually the person will simply communicate with a friend or classmate and take care of the incident.

The temporary variety is felt when a person is caught in a circumstance for a short period of time. The loneliness felt when a person has moved to a new city or has decided to spend the summer at the dorm. This is the kind of loneliness where you know that it will automatically end when the circumstances predictably change at a later date.

The chronic condition is when...

...you find yourself in circumstances of temporary loneliness over and over again and in a predictable fashion. It is also felt when it takes progressively longer for you to get out of such circumstances. It takes a number of years for chronic loneliness to become apparent.

The permanent condition is when...

...you have given up hope of ever getting out of the condition of loneliness and have created a lifestyle of living with loneliness. Even though you use coping mechanisms, you have become comfortable with those coping activities and are convinced that there is no way out of loneliness for you. You regularly retreat to those coping activities. Over several years those activities become strongly entrenched habits - natural-disabilities.

Bonus Solution:

Examine your inner dialogue.

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