What Can A Lonely Woman Do?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

A lonely woman has multiple burdens compared to a lonely man. A lonely female  has to ward off society's unpleasant view of her status. She has to ward off unwanted attention from men who view a solo woman as a sexual target. She has to ward off the attention of men she finds unattractive or unsuitable. She has to figure out how to make herself attractive to the kind of man she finds suitable.

If the lonesome woman has not had any children...

...then there is the additional burden of the biological clock.

She has to bear all these burdens in addition to coping with, dealing with and overcoming her loneliness.

If the lonesome woman is looking for a relationship she also bears the burden of guessing what the man is really like and what he may do in the future. One way of handling that, to some extent, is to be powerful herself. Powerful financially,  emotionally and spiritually. Spiritual strength helps lonely women use their instincts to find the right mate.

One advantage a lonesome woman has...

...over a lonely man is that she can form friendships with other women and have a support system that helps her cope with her loneliness.


She can go "dear hunting" along with her friends. Also, her female friends can easily provide her with opportunities to meet suitable men.

A lonely female is as susceptible to the charms of a con-man as a lonely man is susceptible the charms of a con-woman. A lonesome woman runs an additional risk of terrible physical harm from a con-man.

The loneliness of men sometimes explodes into violence. In the case of a lonesome woman, the frustration can turn inward with bad psychological consequences. The frustration can turn her toward alcohol or drugs with equally terrible consequences.

Even though a lonely woman bears multiple burdens...

...the methods used to overcome loneliness are similar to those methods used by men as described on this page about overcoming loneliness.

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