Lonely Weekends - What To Do With Them?

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Lonely weekends was when I felt the pain of loneliness the most. I worked six days a week so I was fine on Saturdays.

Midafternoon on Sunday was when I got a chance to think and reaize that I was not happy with the fact I was lonely.

Saying goodbye to a week of your life

There is a moment each weekend

When you say goodbye to a week of your life,

Feel sad for the moment

And slip into the next week

If you are lonely.

There is a moment each weekend

When you have a chance to stop

And say I am not going to take this any more

I am going to do something about this

And stop being lonely for evermore.

My response to the loneliness was...

...to search the newspapers for 'single events' since I was single at the time. It was the right response even though it did not result in my meeting my wife.

In fact going to single events resulted in more heartache but it toughened me up. It was a 'growth' process. I believe millions of people go through this growth process. However, they go through the growth process only if they respond to the loneliness with social action - going to singles events, volunteering, etc.

If the response to social rejection is to stay at home then the person does not go through the growth process but starts a downward spiral that can end in depression.


So, lonely weekends are forks in the road of life. Either you respond to your loneliness with social actions or you respond with apathy and feel bored and sad. Social actions lead you to the growth pains so you grow and become a sociable, unlonely person. Apathy leads you to a shrinking of your personality, loneliness and misery.

To overcome loneliness on the two days of a weekend, all a person has to do is to have a mix of 50% outdoor activities, 25% indoor activities, 15% restful activities and 10% mindless/tv activities.

The outdoor activities can include volunteering, walking tours, architectural tours, meetup activities (look up meetup.com) , yoga classes, outdoor community events, martial arts classes, visits to institutions  of different denominations or religions, etc. There are several other outdoor activities that you can notice in your surroundings if you keep an eye or ear open for them.

The indoor activities can include house cleaning; sorting and filing of personal papers; creation of music, art or wonderful food; pampering of mind and body, including sitting and staring into space to let new ideas spring up in your mind; meditation, etc. If you are up to a challenge, think up thirty activities YOU would enjoy engaging in to fill up 25% of your weekend  hours.

Lonely weekends are actually wonderful opportunities to overcome loneliness.

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