Lonely Sunday, What to do about it?

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Lonely Sundays happen to millions of people. When you do some internet research you find out that the number of people who are lonely on Sunday is higher than any other day of the week.

It stands to reason - people have tried on Friday evening and Saturday evening to do something about their loneliness. Those who succeeded are not lonely for the weekend. Those who failed are lonely for the rest of the weekend, i.e Sunday. Even those that succeeded may find themselves alone for Sunday.

So Sunday turns out to be the day that most lonely people search on the internet for ways to overcome their loneliness.

For those of us who don't work on the weekend...

...Sundays are days that are completely our own, our own private days when we 'live our lives'. It is on Sundays that lonely people most clearly notice that there is something wrong - there is no one in their 'lives'!


Somehow Saturdays are spent in effort and in recovering from the week. Those people who decided to imbibe a lot of alcohol at the end of their Saturday social efforts when they realized that their efforts were not succeeding, wake up on Sunday morning with a hangover and feeling emotionally on edge.

As the Sunday progresses, the feelings of loneliness come on strong. Quite often the feelings of those who engaged in a one night stand are not much different.

The solution to overcoming such feelings on Sundays is...

...the same as the solution to loneliness in general as described in overcoming loneliness.

One additonal thing you can do on Sundays is meditate. That will open up pathways for loneliness-resolving-ideas to pop into your mind. It would be ideal if you could meditate before and after you visit your religious services. If there are no religious services on Sunday, then do your meditation AFTER your religious services, on whatever day of the week they are held.

Lonely Sunday

Feeling lonely on a Sunday

Should be an impossibility

A Sunday is meant for you

Even when you are with your family

Part of the Sunday is for you

To spend time with you.

If you use your

Sunday alone time

To feel lonely

You are returning your gift


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