Lonely Saturdays - What Can You Or Anyone Do To Overcome Them?

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Lonely Saturdays - you begin to notice them when they happen in a row. Some people notice such a Saturday as soon as they open their eyes in the morning. If the person wakes up alone on a Saturday the person views it as a lonely one.

Others know that any day is full of potential. They know that if they continue their volunteer activties there is always the chance they might meet that special someone or at least a few new friends.

A lonely Saturday may feel like...

...the loneliest day of the week but more people feel lonely on Sunday than on Saturday. That is because large numbers of people are out on Saturdays doing something about coping with, dealing with or overcoming their loneliness.

If you are home on a Saturday reading this and not taking steps to overcome your loneliness, realize that one reason for your loneliness is lack of social action.

Most of us have high expectations of Saturday.

We expect to be going out on Saturday and having a good time.


Want to be lonely on Saturday night? Here is how you do it - All week long, don't give a thought to what you will do on Friday night. Just know that you can go to particular hot spots or clubs on Friday night and look forward to having company on Friday and Saturday.

Or, on Friday night just stay home, engage in wishful thinking, watch tv, surf the web and feel sorry for yourself.

You could cope with the loneliness of such Saturdays and continue to have them.

Want to be un-lonely on Saturdays? Here's how you do it:

You could deal with loneliness of your Saturdays and decide whether you are going to work on finding an intimate relationship, finding friends or becoming part of your community. Once you  have made the decision you can take the steps to reach the particular goal you have decided on.

You could overcome your loneliness by following the steps described here.

Or you could do all three of the above in a few weeks by fighting loneliness.

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