Lonely Rich Women Have A Problem To Solve, Don't You Think?

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Lonely rich women are hard to find and hard to live with when you have found them. The fact that they are hard to find can be a blessing in disguise, both, for the women and for you.

There is a lot of activity required from you...

...for the purpose of overcoming your loneliness.

When you start to look for a rich woman to overcome your loneliness, you are looking for a solution that has built-in failure. In other words you may be able to start a relationship with a lonely rich woman, but there are many chances that it will end in failure. That is because it needs special efforts from her and from you before the relationship can enjoy continued success.

In August 2011...

...Spain's Duchess of Alba gave up her fortune in order to wed a civil servant. Obviously, lonely rich women present an extra layer of complexity in an already difficult situation - the journey from loneliness to happy companionship.


The wealth of lonely women is usually a problem even for the women when it comes to finding a suitable mate. Even when the lonely rich women look past their money and keep their eyes and minds focused on male companionship, they have to pay attention to the fragile egos of most men.

In addition they are at a serious risk of being conned out of their money by con-men. It is only with the help of their intuition that they are able to identify true mates.

In your efforts to overcome your loneliness...

...any untruth you speak will cause you grief and loneliness later. It is best to keep things real.

If you are a lonely rich woman, in addition to the other problems you encounter in overcoming loneliness, you have to pay attention to your personal and financial security.

Even if you are familiar with such cautions, it is worth scanning this list to see if there is a caution you have not come across before.

  • Use your instincts and common sense to think up all the steps you can take to keep you and your finances safe.
  • Don't provide any information, online or offline, that will identify you.
  • Block your caller ID so the other person cannot see your telephone number.
  • Use your instincts to decide when a person is lying to you.
  • Mentally re-examine the answers you get and look for inconsistencies in a person's statements.
  • Do only what you want to do - don't be pressured into doing anything.
  • Use your own car to meet the person in a busy restaurant, not hotel, in a busy part of town at a busy time of day and take a companion with you.
  • Be very interested in meeting other people in the man's family and friend circles.

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